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Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
This is an even odds point spread bet. Since I am out of town until a week after the game I am just setting the spread for 17.5 and leaving it at that.

Nothing will be settled until I return.
Xavier Adibi...remember the name. He could be the reason why VT is in the game

VT has talent, it's just young talent, but they do have a senior, experienced QB.

Special teams may win this for VT. Beamer's bunch are always among the best at it.

damn 14-3 for VT so far

doesn't look like people are convinced of that blowout, BKB
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the past two years the hokes have lost to:

wva, pitt,bc,va,cal, pitt,syr,wvu,miami,

they have beaten..of substance...

texam, syr, miami, lsu, marshall, texam, bc, va...

vatech gets their asses handed to them saturday....
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