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vBook: Troy Smith performance vs. Cincy


Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
This is a pari-mutuel event. Odds will be determined based on total amounts wagered after the event has closed.

(Since I will be out of town these odds probably wont be posted until after the game has been played.)

There is a comparable thread for Zwick, but I didn't want to leave Troy out, so here is your chance to predict how he will do in his first game. To keep a lot of ORs and ANDs out of the wager I decided to go with fantasy-like points as follows:

6 points for a rushing or passing TD
1 for every 10 yards rushing and passing combined (truncating any extra)
-2 for every interception or lost fumble
2 for a rushing or passing point after conversion

For example - if he has 156 yards passing and 28 yards rushing (184 total), one TD and two interceptions, he would accumulate 18 +6 -4 = 22 points.