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11 TOP 25 teams are offering VARSITY FOOTBALL as a class! Did you guys see this??


A one time class for a credit or two is one thing but for a player to take it up to 5 times for 2 credits at a time! Come on....

other teams
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From what I understand, it's a pass/fail course that doesn't count to fulfill any requirements towards graduation at OSU at least. I do remember the article saying that KState gave letter grades (which I don't agree with). I don't see where it amounts to anything in that context. More of a recognition that you are doing something for the University that requires a large time commitment. If I remember right, you get credit for being in the band too. What do you see as the issue ND?
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Rick Reilly rips this issue in the last page of the current SI. Of course he fails to mention that the hours don't count toward graduation, but does point out that tOSU players can take the course up to 5 times. He's a tool.
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I can't speak for the other schools, but here is the deal at OSU. The course is graded pass/fail and you can use up to 6 hours of it towards graduation. Football is not alone in this situation as every varsity sport at OSU awards such credit.

These hours of varsity credit are only 6 of 191-196 credit hours (depends on college) required to graduate. In addition, every student at OSU has this option since they can take other courses such as Into to Golf and Into to Bowling (two courses I took at OSU) to fulfill the 6 hours of physical education electives allowed towards graduation.

Why can't these morons actually conduct some research before spouting off their assinine comments. Then again, I guess assinine comments are what sells magazines and newspapers
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But the credits do count don't they??
At OSU, six credit hours of physical education can be used towards graduation requirements as electives. (Also remember that OSU is on quarters, so 6 quarter hours is only equal to 4 semester hours). Again, every student at Ohio State has this option. As I stated above, I graduated with two hours of physical education electives on my transcript and I am about as far away from being an athlete as possible.

There is nothing wrong with this standard and I defy anyone to argue otherwise.
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what i cant believe is that students who receive music scholarships are allowed to take music classes.....and scholly med students are allowed to take biology and physics and stuff....heck the scholly law students take classes about the law......thats just unfair.....
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My son is taking that class this fall qtr, and he is not in any of the athletic programs. Are you implying with this thread that ND offers no cupcake courses in its illustrious curriculum? Get serious here.

The class # is EDUPEAS 620.04
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Rick Reilly is a sanctimonius piece of shit, and a big reason why SI totally blows when compared to ESPN the Magazine. The idea for varsity credits is to give athletes a slight break in the middle of their seasons, when they must take classes and practice, and go to meetings and study halls. The extra two hours simply makes them a full time student at OSU. As pointed out above, an athlete could not use these hours toward a degree on any large scale basis. I think Reilly is just pissed off because a football player gave him a swirly in HS, or something like that.
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Well from what I hear ND does offer golf as a class! LOL!

The problem is that from what I have heard is that there really is no such class in most cases. Do you really expect me to believe that Tressel is a class lecturing about footbal and any kid can take it ! PLEASE! On the list of classes they had on TV the teacher was J Tressel.

One basketball class had a final with the questions.......

How many half's are there in a basketball game?
How many points is a three pont shot worth?

DIHARD- that was funny....
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The problem is that from what I have heard is that there really is no such class in most cases. Do you really expect me to believe that Tressel is a class lecturing about footbal and any kid can take it!

Why does a class have to occur in the classroom? Why can't students be evaluated on how they perform in a live situation? Many universities give pass/fail credit to students who do co-ops during thier college experience. Whether or not a student passes and earns the credit is determined by an evaluation conducted by the employer. I see no difference in this situation.
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There are many phys ed classes graded pass/fail. At OSU, I took Racquetball for one credit, and actually improved my game a bit.

There are also many classes that have prerequisites that not everone meets. Try taking Differential Equations as a freshman with no math background. (Also, OSU football is open to walkons who have the ability to play, so football credits CAN be earned by any qualified student.)

I am sure that a quarter of football under J. Tressel also improves one's game, and that there is quite a bit of study involved in learning the offensive and defensive packages of 11-12 opponents. I would also opine that with an exam every week conducted in front of 105,000 "graders", that one's learning curve is pretty thoroughly evaluated.

Frankly, I don't see anything scandalous in this.
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Do you really expect me to believe that Tressel is a class lecturing about footbal and any kid can take it ! PLEASE! On the list of classes they had on TV the teacher was J Tressel.

You fucking retard... there is a class with Coach Tressel lecturing about football. EDU PAES 620.04. It's a three hour class that meets MWF at 7:30am in autumn quarter. It's hugely popular at OSU - all 50 seats are filled and 47 people are currently on the waitlist. You learn how to break down game film, draw up plays and game plans, attend pratices, listen to guest talks from assistant coaches, and whatnot.

This is different from varsity football class, which does not affect the gpa.
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