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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Associated Press
<!-- template inline -->TAMPA, Fla. -- Vanderbilt running back Kwane Doster was shot to death early Sunday when someone fired at the parked car he was in, police said.

Doster, 21, of Tampa, died at Tampa General Hospital after being shot near the Ybor City nightlife district, police spokesman Joe Durkin said. Detectives were trying to find the killer and determine a motive.

Doster and two friends had stopped their car while "cruising around" when another car pulled up beside them, Durkin said. Several shots were fired at Doster's car, and one hit him in the chest while he was sitting behind the driver. No one else was hurt.

"I don't believe any words were exchanged," Durkin said, adding that investigators didn't know if Doster was the intended target. Police believe three people were in the other car.

"Kwane's death is a terrible and tragic loss to our Vanderbilt family," Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson said. "Everyone who knew Kwane, from his fellow players and students, his coaches and their families and even fans have suffered a personal loss today."

The junior running back ran for 427 yards and one touchdown this season for the Commodores (2-9). He became the first Vanderbilt player named the Southeastern Conference's freshman of the year after a school-record 798 yards rushing in 2002. For his career, Doster had 1,621 yards rushing, 256 yards receiving and seven touchdowns.