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Vacation time for college aged kids.

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Hating the environment since 1994
  • Buck Nasty said:
    You would not believe the stories of cheapness that they tell. We sit around at parties, and his wife goes on about how he did this and that to avoid paying for stuff. It is truly remarkable how he is affected by having to pay full price for anything.
    I work with a guy who is exactly the same way.
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    Capo Regime
    Staff member
    strohs said:
    Im heading down there next week, leaving friday.
    The paperwork we recieved from out hotel talked about the wristband, seems like one helluva deal.
    Its like 40 bucks for a week, free cover at some bars if you go early enough,
    and free drinks/food somewhere almost all day every day.
    You will love it...you staying at the SunSpree? That used to be the Mecca of SB. Make sure you hit La Vela, Spinnaker's, and HammerHead's.

    Gotta love legal open containers on the beach :)
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    Herbie for President
    OK, who's been talking about me? (I too like a good deal.... and yes it has been known to tick my wife off at times... I think that's part of the fun :biggrin: )...

    You can go to Key West for $230.00 round trip on american airlines through travelocity.com (or at least that's what a co-worker just said)...
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    Serenity now
    We did Panama City Beach a few years ago. Great time. Lots of clubs. Definitely go with the wristband. It'll get you free drinks somewhere every afternoon and usually evening, and cover into one of the clubs each day. Definitely cheaper that way.
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