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Vacation Bible School Ugghhh!

I went as a kid and didn't mind too much. You got to run around goofing off and eating snacks (or maybe that was just my interpretation) all day. There was that pesky church thing, though.... :sleep2:
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Let's see , i'm 10 would I rather :
a) swim and play baseball or,

b) go to church ?

Now, I did'nt mind church, but not at the expense of my summer vacation from school.

Alas, mom won out and I had to go to VBS.

All we did was eat ice cream and watch videos of Buckeye games. :wink2:
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I got sent to a Quaker commune in NC for three weeks of torture, I mean, camp when I was ten. What a scam, my parents paid them for me to have to clean their barns for three weeks. No television, no junk food, no competitive games.
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What's wrong with making macaroni pictures and singing about Noah and his "arky arky"?

Which reminds me, did anyone else see the South Park where Kenny and Kyle go to Jewbilee, and Kenny makes a fully-detailed macaroni version of the Last Supper? Hilarious!:biggrin:
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