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VA DT Darnell Ewell (Notre Dame Signee)

MD Buckeye

BP Soft Verbal
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Former BPCFFB II Champ
Former FF League III Champ
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Lake Taylor (Norfolk, VA)
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 285 lbs
Class: 2017 (High School)

Scout $ - Ewell Is Blowing Up


By Clark...Offers from Clemson, TTUN, Virginia Tech, NC State, North Carolina, Ohio State, Virginia, Penn State, Maryland, Wake Forest, Tennessee, Vanderbilt & Sparty. Hearing the most from Ohio State & has a great relationship with Larry Johnson.

Really want to see him in the '17 class and I think we will. The only position we aren't stocked up on with targets for '17 yet is DT. Only sweetens the pot that we can dip back into Lake Taylor, ton of talent comes out of there.
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Making a northward swing in a few weeks checking out tOSU (June 24th), TTUN & ND.
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