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Silent AND Deadly!!!
Hi, people. I would like to know how i can resize my own picture(s) to use as my avatar. I'm not completely computer illiterate, so some instruction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! Oh, and give me the do's and dont's also...
BuckeyeSkins said:
Hope this helps you,

Go to UserCP, then select Edit Avatar.....scroll down to the bottom of the page and under Custom Avatar there is a place for you to enter the URL of the avatar you wish to use.
thanks Buckeyeskins. Only... the problem is that i notice that there are others who have posted their own pictures and i had wanted to do the same, but when i try to use them i am told that they are too big. i just need to know how to make them "smaller", i guess so that they will work. I greatly appreciate your quick response and help, Buckeyeskins. Thanks
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ninja, maximum size allowed for your avatar is 75 x 75 pixels and a maximum of 19.5 kb in size. You cannot exceed either of these limits for your avatar to work.

EDIT: To make them smaller you will need an image editing program (such as Photoshop) where you can control the size or crop the image. If you're still having problems, post the picture as a graphic in a post on this thread. I will take that and scale it for you.
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If it's a picture on your computer that you are trying to use you are going to need a photo editing software to resize the picture. Then save it and when you set it as your avatar it will work. just remember it has to be 75x75 or smaller

Edit: damnit 3yards you're very very sneaky sir. Beat me by a hair.
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Ninja, the quickest and simplest program to use is Paint (the free basic graphics program that comes installed with your computer if you're running Microsoft). Just open the image you want to reduce, then under the "Image" menu item, select "Stretch/Skew". Then enter a percentage in the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" boxes. This will reduce the image by those percentages (keep both percentages the same so the image will be reduce proportionately). Make sure your safe the file as another name as to not overwrite the original in case you reduce too much or not enough.
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BuckeyeNation27 said:
a name like ninjabuck and you dont have a ninja ass kicking GIF as an avatar?

sooooo dissappointed. :p
OH... I've got 'em. Just waiting for the right time to use them. Remember... when you least expect it -- POW!!! NINJA!!! Thanks for the concern tho.

Warning: scUM proponents; sleep with one eye open...
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