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tBBC USGA Four-Ball: Engle/Grimmer Bow Out in Round of 16


USGA Four-Ball: Engle/Grimmer Bow Out in Round of 16
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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Clark Engle and Will Grimmer brought some smiles to Ohio State golf fans Monday by dispatching their 1st round match play opponents, 2 & 1, and moving on to the round of 16 in the USGA Amateur Four-Ball. As I commented in the 1st round recap, Clark/Will played this match perfectly; obtain an early lead, then settle in and play your game.

There is another critical element to success; having the right partner. Obviously, you want to partner with an accomplished golfer, but your partner’s skills need to be complementary to yours; if you hit your tee shots long and “not in play”, your partner should be a straight driver. At least one of you should have a solid short game around the green.

More important than golf “compatibility” is personality “compatibility”. Years ago, when it was easier to make a full shoulder turn and to get through the ball, I was part of a team that won two consecutive four-ball events at our golf club and had a record of 10-1 over three years. The key was that Steve and I knew each other’s games; we knew what we could do on the course and we knew what the other could do on the course. We acknowledged to each other, in practice and on the first tee, that although we were both bound to hit bad shots, neither was to apologize for them. It happens.

To the point, this is why I like the idea of an Engle/Grimmer team at this USGA event. They’ve played multiple rounds together in NCAA competition and in practices under coaches Moseley and Smith. There is a comfort level of golfing with one another and these two have it.

Match Play (Round of 16)

Clark/Will faced off against the #1 seed side of Brandon Matthews/Patrick Ross. They won their first round match 4 & 3.

However, Clark’s and Will’s run in the USGA ended with a 3 & 2 loss.

Clark/Will were even with their opponents through 3 holes. A Matthews/Ross win on #4 was offset by a Engle Grimmer win on #6, which maintained a level match status. Through the 8th hole the match was even; the Buckeyes were holding their own against the top seed.

The match turned for Matthews/Ross with birdies on the 395 yard par-4 9th and the 350 yard par-4 10th, putting them 2-up. A Matthews/Ross birdie on the 545 yard par-5 12th put them 3-up with six holes to go. This is not an enviable position for Engle/Grimmer.

The two sides each parred the next three holes, with Matthews/Ross dormie 3. Engle/Grimmer did their part with a birdie on the 16th hole, which would have extended the match, but incredibly, Matthews/Ross matched it. That was it. The Buckeyes were down three holes with two to play… they had simply run out of time.

Through the 16 hole match, Clark/Will were only -1 to par, not as sharp as their first match. However, the other 15 holes were pars, so they absolutely made no mistakes. Their opponents were -5, with four of those birdies coming on the last eight holes.

With Clark and Will returning to BuckeyeGolf next season, events like these USGA competitions can provide some additional “how to score” seasoning.

Congratulations to Clark and Will. This was a good non-NCAA experience and they acquitted themselves well.

Go Buckeyes!

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