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USATODAY.com Player of the Week-Vote for Santonio!


Administrator Emeritus
Let's push Santonio over the top. Right now Darius Walker leads, but only 277 total votes have been cast. We should be able to make up some ground.

86.64% - Darius Walker, Notre Dame
5.78% - Kyle Orton, Purdue
4.69% - Santonio Holmes, Ohio State
2.17% - Korey Hall, Boise State
0.72% - Ricky Santos, New Hampshire

277 Total Votes


Make your pick for USATODAY.com Player of the Week

Each week during the season, readers can select their pick for USATODAY.com Player of the Week. Choices will be made available on Sunday night. USATODAY.com will name its own winner every Tuesday during the regular season.

This week's nominees:

Korey Hall, LB, Boise State — The Broncos draw a lot of headlines for their offense, but it was a key defensive play that swung their game against Oregon State. Boise State trailed 14-3 when Korey Hall made the first of his three interceptions in the game. The sophomore returned the takeaway 46 yards for touchdown to start an avalanche of scoring by the Broncos. Hall also added four tackles in the 53-34 victory.

Santonio Holmes, WR, Ohio State — When then needed him most, Santonio Holmes made several key catches to help Ohio State squeeze past Marshall 24-21. The sophomore hauled in touchdown passes of 80 and 47 yards in the first half to give the Buckeyes an early lead. With the game tied in the final minute, Holmes, who finished with 10 receptions for 224 yards, caught passes of 9 and 8 yards to set up Mike Nugent's game-winning, 55-yard field goal on the final play.

Kyle Orton, QB, Purdue — It was nearly a perfect outing for Kyle Orton as Purdue rolled to an easy victory against Ball State. The senior quarterback was 23-of-26 for 329 yards and five touchdown passes. Orton's scoring strikes of 9, 17, 15, 43 and 15 yards all came in the first half, helping the Boilermakers cruise 59-7.

Ricky Santos, QB, New Hampshire — Rutgers was riding high after winning its opener, but New Hampshire and Ricky Santos brought them quickly to earth. The redshirt freshman threw for five touchdows in rallying the I-AA Wildcats to a 35-24 upset victory on the road. Santos hit 30 of his 40 passes and totaled 385 yards in the air. He threw for three scores in the second half as New Hampshire came back from a 24-14 deficit.

Darius Walker, RB, Notre Dame — A true freshman was an unlikely hero for Notre Dame. Darius Walker came off the bench and carried 31 times for 115 yards and two touchdowns as the Irish rolled past No. 7 Michigan 28-20. Tyrone Willingham's squad trailed 9-0, but runs by Walker from 6 and 5 yards out propelled Notre Dame to a much-needed win after a season-opening loss to BYU.