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A brief rundown of USA TODAY's leading offensive and defensive football players and the season's top coach:

Ryan Perrilloux

Personal stats: 6-3, 223 pounds, quarterback, East St. John (Reserve, La.)

By the numbers: Completed 225 of 342 passes for 3,546 yards and 30 touchdowns and rushed for 1,460 yards and 37 TDs this season. Totaled 12,715 yards and 157 TDs in four seasons.

Favorite NFL player: Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons. "He makes plays when everything breaks down."

Favorite teachers: Mr. LaRose (American History), Mr. Yates (English), Miss Dottilo (teacher's aide).

Favorite class: Science.

Why do you wear No. 11? "Worn it since I was a freshman, and I now embrace it."

What do you drive? Lincoln Navigator.

Favorite meal: Lasagna and garlic bread.

cell phone ring: "Don't own one, but when I do I'll download music."

Last book read: Lord of the Flies.

Superhero who should play me: The Flash. "It's all about speed."

Describe yourself: "A regular guy who's trying to make it (big) in sports."

College: Says he'll sign with Texas.


Kenny Phillips

Personal stats: 6-3, 205 pounds, back, Carol City (Fla.)

By the numbers: Made 84 tackles and had seven interceptions (returning two for touchdowns) and three fumble recoveries. Also returned punt for a score. In his career, made 204 tackles, had 10 fumble recoveries, 18 interceptions (returning seven for TDs) and returned 40 punts (18.3-yard average), three for scores.

Favorite NFL players: Ed Reed of Baltimore Ravens and Sean Taylor of Washington Redskins. "Both are big safeties. Sean is physical, and Ed makes good reads."

Favorite teacher: Walt Frazier. "Coaches make great teachers."

Favorite class: A.P. Environmental Science. "I like the lab work."

Why do you wear No. 31? "It was given to me as a freshman, and now I'll always request it."

What do you drive? Chevrolet Impala.

Favorite meal: Spaghetti.

cell phone ring: "I've downloaded a couple of rap songs."

Last book read: Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made.

Superhero who should play me: Superman. "Actually, our receivers coach calls me that."

Describe yourself: "A humble, quiet guy."

College: Miami (Fla.), Florida State, Florida, North Carolina State or Tennessee.


Todd Dodge

School: Carroll, Southlake, Texas

Family: Wife of 18 years, Elizabeth; children Riley, 15, Molly, 11.

Career highlights: Finished No. 1 in USA TODAY's Super 25 this season. 90-45 record in 11 years. Led Carroll to its second Class 5A, Division II state title in three years. Carroll is 47-1 in last three seasons. Played at University of Texas.

Last book you read: Bleachers by John Grisham.

Favorite NFL coach: Steve Mariucci, Detroit Lions. "He's a class act. I heard him speak when he was an assistant with Green Bay and still use his quarterback drills."

Favorite college coach: Alex Robbins, Middle Tennessee State assistant. "Our offensive staff spent three days with their staff, and ever since we're 47-1."

Which famous person living or dead would you invite to dinner? Joe Montana. "He always put the team first."

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