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Who is your choice to win and who is your dark horse?

My pick to Win-----------Tiger (duh)

My dark horse---------- Padrig Harrington

Who I want to win-----Justin Leonard (I really want to see him win a major in the states)

I have no idea how these three fared today.
Buckeye68, here's your top 25 (actually top 44 with all the ties)
US Open Link

I'll go with:

Jim Furyk - To Win
Tom Watson - Dark Horse (How cool would that be)
Jack Nicklas - I want to win (Guess that's not happening)
How about Freddie "Boom Boom" Couples - I want to win

1 WATSON, Tom -5
2 QUIGLEY, Brett -4
2 LEONARD, Justin -4
2 BLAKE, Jay Don -4
5 LEANEY, Stephen -3
5 FURYK, Jim -3
7 DAMRON, Robert -2
7 GILLIS, Tom -2
7 LEGGATT, Ian -2
11 KRESGE, Cliff -1
11 BYRD, Jonathan -1
11 CLARK, Timothy -1
11 MAYFAIR, Billy -1
11 HARRINGTON, Padraig -1
11 MATTIACE, Len -1
11 ROBERTS, Loren -1
11 ELS, Ernie -1
11 PETROVIC, Tim -1
11 GARCIA, Sergio -1
11 MONTGOMERIE, Colin -1
11 JACOBSON, Fredrik -1
11 BYRUM, Tom -1
11 TANAKA, Hidemichi -1
25 HAYES, J. P. Even
25 PARRY, Craig Even
25 JOBE, Brandt Even
25 ROSE, Justin Even
25 LOWERY, Steve Even
25 OGILVIE, Joe Even
25 LANGER, Bernhard Even
25 KAYE, Jonathan Even
25 HOWELL, Charles III Even
25 WOODS, Tiger Even
25 CLARKE, Darren Even
25 FUNK, Fred Even
25 CINK, Stewart Even
25 CAMPBELL, Chad Even
25 COUPLES, Fred Even
25 MICKELSON, Phil Even
25 ROMERO, Eduardo Even
25 HOCH, Scott Even
25 ESTES, Bob Even
25 SINGH, Vijay Even
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Couples is my hero when it comes to golf. I have two boom boom drivers and two boom boom three woods from Lynx that I picked up after he won the Masters. They were the first metal 'woods' that I could ever hit. Now it's a callaway driver and an adams three wood but I will never get rid of the 'boom boom' clubs, they just looked so perfect.
Freddie just makes it look so easy. I can only think what he could have accomplished if not for the back spasams.
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Here's the top 25 after 2 rounds:

1 SINGH, Vijay -7_ _ _
1 FURYK, Jim -7_ _ _
3 BYRD, Jonathan -5 _ _ _
3 LEANEY, Stephen -5_ _ _
5 LEONARD, Justin -4_ _ _
5 JACOBSON, Fredrik -4 _ _
5 WOODS, Tiger -4 _ _
5 ROMERO, Eduardo -4 _ _
5 PRICE, Nick -4 _ _
10 WATSON, Tom -3_ _ _
10 DAMRON, Robert -3_ _ _
12 JOBE, Brandt -2 _ _ _
12 FORSMAN, Daniel -2_ _ _
12 LEGGATT, Ian -2_ _ _
12 AUSTIN, Woody -2_ _ _
12 CINK, Stewart -2 _ _
12 BYRUM, Tom -2 _ _
18 QUIGLEY, Brett -1_ _ _
18 CLARKE, Darren -1_ _ _
18 PETROVIC, Tim -1 _ _
18 CEJKA, Alex -1_ _ _
18 TRIPLETT, Kirk -1_ _ _
18 KRESGE, Cliff -1 _ _ _
18 TOMS, David -1_ _ _
18 STILES, Darron -1_ _ _
18 ELS, Ernie -1

46 Freddie Couples +2

Great comments on Freddie buckeye68. He is a very classy guy. I like to follow him around at the Memorial when I get the chance. Looks like your boy Leonard and my boy Furyk are in the hunt, Watson is not far back and looks who's creeping into contention ... Tiger! I like Leonard & Furyk because they are a little more accurate off the tee ... but if Tiger gets his driver straightened out, it's over.
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Great Call on Furyk. How he hits that ball wit6h that swing I will never know but what a player!. He had numerous chance to piss it right down his lef today but playerd very soild. I don't know if you seen him with the little kid and bag of pretzels but the man is all class. My dark horse P. harrington finished 10th and J. Leonard finished 20th

Nothing against the 'top players', but I just love it when a so-called second tier player wins a major. Tiger is great, Els is great, Olazabal is great but Mickleson is a s*&t head and Sergio needs to take the game more seriously if he wants to be a part of history. All you ever see during the tv coverage are these three or five players no matter if they are in contention or not. I know it is all about the ratings but they seem to always forget the other players out on the course.

Show me more of Furyk, David Toms, Justin Leonard and so on and so on. These guys grinding all week every week make the your so much more fun to watch.
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Right on the money buckeye68! I get tired of seeing Tiger on every other shot when he is backpeddling his way out of contention. I like most of the top players (Tiger, Eles, Olazabal, etc.) but I don't care to see them if they're not in the hunt. Heck, I'd rather watch Tom Watson play his way out of contention that most of the others.

The 3 you picked, (Furyk, Toms, Leonard) along with a few others, I'd watch all-day, every-day. These guys are all class even thought they are not getting all the attention and love from the media and fans. It's really a treat to watch these guys (who supposedly don't have the tools to compete with the big guns), finding ways to stay in (and win) tournaments.

Congrats to Jim Furyk!

Go Bucks!
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[ScriptOhio] :biggrin: [/ScriptOhio]
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