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Urgent need for bird help!


Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
Almost the entire back of my home is windows. Yesterday a female cardinal started banging against one of the windows. I figured she was seeing her reflection and attacking another cardinal, so I lowered that blind.

She moved to another window.

I kept lowering blinds until they were all closed. Then she started hitting the half rounds above the other windows where there are no blinds.

Today she started doing something that really surprised me. She flew around to the front of the house - where we almost never see birds - and started hitting the windows to my den. She will fly a direct route (it only takes her 2-3 seconds) from the front to the back of the house and bang against the windows. This is not a bird that is attacking its reflection or even one that thinks the window isn't there and is simply trying to fly through.

She has been going at it constantly for 3 hours so far today.

Anybody out there have any insight? Have I found myself in a Hitchcock movie? Should I let her in and see what happens? (Maybe she wants something from the fridge.)

I am at a loss on this.
My advice:


:biggrin: What is it with birds and posters from this forum, anyway?
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Damn you FKA - I was on the phone when I opened that and the fellow I was talking to was deeply offended when I started laughing at him.

FKA - Your solution worked and the cardinal problem is 'solved'.

My wife will be home in two hours. What can I do about the windows (or to be more precise, where the windows used to be?
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