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LGHL Urban Meyer says Joey Bosa will declare for the 2016 NFL Draft after Fiesta Bowl

Matt Brown

Urban Meyer says Joey Bosa will declare for the 2016 NFL Draft after Fiesta Bowl
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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One of the world's worst kept secrets appears to have been blown. Joey Bosa won't be back.

Ohio State is projected to lose quite a bit of players to the NFL Draft after the Fiesta Bowl. Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliott have already made it clear they won't be returning to Columbus, and now, Urban Meyer seems to have spilled the beans on the status of one of Ohio State's best players.

At a press conference today, Urban Meyer said that Joey Bosa told him he'll be heading to the NFL Draft.

Urban Meyer says DE Joey Bosa will turn pro after the Fiesta Bowl.

— JJ Stankevitz (@JJStankevitz) December 31, 2015

No surprise, but Urban Meyer said Joey Bosa has told him he's going to the NFL.

— Dave Briggs (@DBriggsBlade) December 31, 2015

To say this isn't a surprise would be an understatement, as Bosa has been projected as a top-five pick, if not the top overall pick, in the 2016 NFL draft. Bosa is projected to go third in the most recent SB Nation mock draft.

Bosa didn't have quite as dominant a year statistically as he did last season, but that didn't mean he didn't have an excellent season. Bosa recorded five sacks and 16.0 tackles for loss this season, while soaking up double, and sometimes triple teams, freeing up his teammates along the line. He was also named the 2014 Big Ten defensive lineman of the year.

Bosa hasn't confirmed his status himself, saying he was focused on Notre Dame when directly asked about his status yesterday.

We wish Bosa the very best in what is hopefully a long and productive NFL career.

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