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LGHL Urban Meyer addresses Kentucky commit Landon Young’s scathing remarks about his recruitment

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Harry Lyles Jr.

Urban Meyer addresses Kentucky commit Landon Young’s scathing remarks about his recruitment
Harry Lyles Jr.
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Meyer responds to Landon Young's claim that he was mistreated.

Urban Meyer met with the media after the Buckeyes' ninth spring practice. He discussed the Landon Young situation, as well as where he has seen improvement and hasn't, along with why players might not be performing their best.

* Meyer said he has a lot of respect for UK recruit Landon Young, and said he was disappointed in his staff for not offering Young sooner than they did, saying they missed on him early on.

* When it comes to recruiting, Meyer said that they can't offer every player in the state of Ohio, talked about how people ask, "Why didn't they offer this guy?"

* Meyer said the progress of the defensive line was "just OK". He added that Michael Hill is fighting through a nagging ankle injury. He said that DaVon Hamilton and Robert Landers have improved.

* Meyer said Sam Hubbard and Jalyn Holmes had been doing really well. He believes that Hubbard will make a big impact next season.

* Meyer expressed his desire for a closed door practice with no outside distractions.

* Meyer mentioned there can only be three reasons why a player isn't playing well, 1. You're a "poor" player 2. You're poorly coached and 3. There's something wrong with chemistry in the unit room, in your lifestyle. Meyer said 90 percent of the issues revolve around No. 3.

* Meyer said Ezekiel Elliott was "a very mediocre running back" his freshman year. Also mentioned improvements from Eli Apple and Michael Thomas over the years.

* Meyer noted that Johnnie Dixon and James Clark are having their best springs ever.

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