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Upgrading student tickets?

Here's the new policy from ohiostatebuckeyes.com. Public tix are $57, students $27, and faculty/staff $46 (faculty/staff tickets are not effected until 2005).

Please be advised that beginning with the 2004 Football Season, The Ohio State University will begin implementation of a new, more stringent policy pertaining to the appropriate usage of discounted tickets. Discounted tickets refer to tickets that are offered to the university community (students, faculty and staff) at a reduced rate. Access to Ohio State football tickets is a privilege extended to Ohio State students, faculty and staff. This privilege does not entitle anyone to abuse the ticket policies by scalping or misuse of assigned tickets. Given the high demand for Ohio State football tickets and the desire to allow maximum usage of student tickets by the student population and faculty/staff tickets by current employees of the university. The following steps will be implemented for the 2004 season.

1. Discounted student tickets will require appropriate student ID prior to entering the gates of Ohio Stadium. This policy will be expanded to faculty and staff with the 2005 season.
2. Students who elect to let nonstudents use their ticket will be provided a mechanism to exchange their student ticket for a full priced public ticket. The student will be required to come to the ticket office and authorize this exchange. In addition, they will be required to pay the difference in the ticket price and any service charges that apply.
3. This exchange of student discounted tickets for a public ticket must be made prior to the day of the game.
4. Students will retain the ability to allow other members of the Ohio State student community to use their ticket provided they have the required student identification.
5. Any student identified as abusing their ticket privileges is subject to the Code of Student behavior and could lose all future ticket buying privileges.
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How can they enforce student ticks for the Cinci and Marshall games when the session has not yet started? I imagine you're safe for the first 2 games, but they'll try to enforce it after that.
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i decided to puss out. if it was for the marshall game and i could ask you guys how they handled the student ticket deal....it would be different. but im not driving 8 hours to get turned away at the door when i already have tickets.
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Okay now reading this if I am reading it right I don't have as big of a problem with it as I thought I might.

So its My understanding if I was a student and couldn't make it to the game I could give or sell the ticket to a fellow student without having to buy the upgraded tickets.

However if I want to sell My ticket so someone who is not a student then I have to spend the extra money and upgrade it. Sounds to Me like a decent deal, as you know you can make the more money than what the upgraded ticket is going to cost you.
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