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Update on Fred Davis and Jeff Byers


I thought you guys might want a quick update on two recruits from last year that ended up at USC. Fall camp is about two weeks away and summer conditioning is nearly over. The one player who keeps getting singled out as an absolute monster is Jeff Byers. No one I've talked to has ever seen anyone work as hard as this kid. At the other end of the spectrum is none other than Fred Davis. The upperclassmen are totally dismayed at his lack of effort. One quote was " Its obvious that he hasn't put in any work". Pete's pissed. Enjoy !
The Byers info doesn't surprise me at all - he seemed like a really great kid, a super athlete, and a very dedicated, disciplined, and talented player. Outside of Ginn, I thought that Byers was the only other "can't miss" prospect whom the Bucks were after last year. He'll probably be an All-American some day.

I don't know much about Fred Davis as a player, but he did enrol early at USC, which indicates that he is (or was) pretty serious about his football future.
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Schweiger looked pretty darned good in the Army all-star game. That kid had a motor that wouldn't quit, and he was constantly in the east backfield disrupting plays. USC also got a can't miss with Schweiger.
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nice espn article on Byers

no doubt that he is going to be a good one

College football's great anomaly is a true freshman starting on the O-line. But don't bet against Jeff Byers. The incoming USC freshman has a chance -- a pretty good chance -- to become the first Trojan offensive lineman to start the opener since Travis Claridge did so back in 1996.
Jeff Byers was the nation's top O-lineman recruit last spring.
In his prep career at Colorado's Loveland High School, Byers not only dominated as a center, he also made 200 tackles (51 for negative yardage), 13 sacks and forced 13 fumbles. Last week he was honored as the Gatorade National High School Player of the Year in football. (Dwight Howard, who was the first overall pick in the NBA draft -- took home the overall boys award.) Recruiting analysts touted Byers as the best center to come out of high school in two decades. "Jeff does things on a football field you're not sure were possible until you see him do it," says Loveland coach John Poovey.

And after eight weeks at USC, the rock-solid Fort Collins-native has already impressed some of his new USC teammates.

"He has the right attitude," says QB Matt Leinart. "A lot of freshmen don't know what it's really like to work hard and he's setting a good example and we need that. We need guys to step up." Especially since the Trojans only return one starter up front.

Linebacker Matt Grootegoed says from observing Byers in workouts, he wouldn't be surprised at all if the kid starts the Trojans first game. "He's already so strong and mature," says Grootegoed.

Byers admits that is his goal. Although that doesn't necessarily mean he has to start at center. USC O-line coach Tim Davis' rule is that he starts his best five linemen, meaning even if Byers doesn't overtake center Ryan Kalil, who is coming off an impressive spring, the true freshman still could get the call to open up when the Trojans meet Virginia Tech Aug. 28.

The 6-foot-4, 295-pounder (he's up almost five pounds since coming west) says he appreciates the praise and the honors he received from his prep days, but realizes those types of things mean little once the Trojans start fall camp. "Right now I've got a clean slate, meaning I'm a big nobody," he says.

Maybe so, but Trojan fans should be excited to know he is a very big and imposing nobody at least.
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Nice find, Buckskin!

Even though he chose USC over OSU, I'll be rooting for Byers (except when we play the Trojans, of course). He's a quality kid, and really epitomizes the spirit of college football - hard work, team play, positive attitude, loyalty, dedication. I just wish he would've seen the light in Columbus.
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Even though he chose USC over OSU, I'll be rooting for Byers (except when we play the Trojans, of course).

I will also be rooting for Jeff, just not his team :) Jeff handled the recruiting process perfectly. He took all 5 visits, played it close to the vest and choose the school that was best for him. He was a class act all the way. I remember the bucknuts radio he did when they asked him the probability of him being a buckeye and he said: I have narrowed it down to 5 schools and I am taking 5 official visits so I would say the chances are 20%. Not that that means much, but it is just so hard to dislike this kid, even though he choose U$C
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Byers is the one kid on the USC roster I will root for. I love the attitude and the comments that came from him throughout the recruiting process. IMO, his highlight film is the only one that rivals Jamario's from his sophomore season. He was very impressive.
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Byers turns building block

USC's Loveland star in line for playing time against CSU

By John Henderson
Denver Post Staff Writer

AP / Chris Carlson
USC freshman center Jeff Byers, resting during practice Wednesday, has a backup role for now.

It's painfully easy for Colorado State coach Sonny Lubick to imagine Jeff Byers, the once-in-a-generation high school center from Loveland, playing for the Rams.

All Lubick has to do is recall those lazy summer days when Byers attended CSU's football camp when he was in the 11th grade. And 10th grade. And ninth grade. And eighth grade. And, yes, seventh grade.

Hey, maybe Lubick and his staff trained Byers too well. Maybe that's why, instead of lining up Saturday night for the Rams (0-1) against top-ranked Southern California at the Los Angeles Coliseum, he'll line up for the Trojans (1-0).

"They (CSU coaches) always talked to me," Byers said from Los Angeles. "I'd see them around a lot. They've always been big supporters of me at Colorado State."

Byers, one of the most highly recruited players in state history, isn't scheduled to start Saturday. Even Jeff Byers has limitations. In a wide- open competition after the departure of the graduated Norm Katnik, Byers lost the starting spot to true sophomore Ryan Kalil.

But in only his second college game, Byers is expected to play on the offensive line for the defending co-national champions. As a true freshman. Most true freshman offensive linemen have a better chance of scoring a 9.9 on the balance beam.

In USC's season-opening win over Virginia Tech, Byers played on only the place-kicking teams. In practice this week, however, he's worked with the first team more.

"He's a fantastic kid, and he's going to be a great Trojan football player," USC coach Pete Carroll said. "His attitude that he brings, the work ethic that he brings, is perfect. He's hard- nosed. He pushes himself. He has very high expectations. He won't settle for anything but the best."

No wonder. He never has been anything but. If Colorado prep football flies below your radar, the Byers file from Loveland High School reads something like the script from a Gil Thorp cartoon. The Denver Post Golden Helmet Award winner was the Gatorade and Parade national player of the year. He recorded pancake blocks in an estimated one quarter of Loveland's plays and never allowed a sack in leading the Indians to a state championship last year. He stands 6-feet-3 and 275 pounds, yet runs a 4.7-second 40.

Oh, yes. He also carried a 3.9 GPA, served as a junior high science fair judge and youth basketball coach, tutored elementary school kids and was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The day after he graduated he flew to L.A. and started working out with the team. So what's the best part about being a Trojan? The palm trees? The national TV coverage?

"Being part of the Trojan family," he said. "On the team there's so much love for each other, so much love for the coaching staff. No matter how far away from home you are, you feel at home because of the people around you.

"That's the Trojan family."

Yes, he considered CSU and Colorado, but USC had too many benefits. Carroll wasn't the least of them. He has built a reputation - not to mention a national title - on playing the best players regardless of age. That's why Byers isn't redshirting like 99 percent of freshman offensive linemen nationally.

However, Byers has experienced some struggles. He had problems with center snaps until a one-on-one lesson from USC quarterback Matt Leinart, a Heisman Trophy candidate.

That problem disappeared. Next came the downside of playing for a predominantly running high school team. Byers' pass blocking was like, well, a true freshman.

"It's been a big adjustment," Byers said. "It's not like my pass blocking is horrible, but I need to get better."

Carroll said he has gotten better, quickly, and has not excluded him starting by the time USC makes its title run in November - or sooner.

"I don't feel any job is closed," Byers said. "I still feel likeI'm earning a spot. It's week to week, and anybody can get on the field at any time. I'll be in the mix (for CSU)."
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I was just wondering how Byers has been doing? I didn't see him on the All Pac 10 first or second team. I did see him at guard one game. Has he been hurt ? I was just thinking about him today. Thanks
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Brutus1;687263; said:
I was just wondering how Byers has been doing? I didn't see him on the All Pac 10 first or second team. I did see him at guard one game. Has he been hurt ? I was just thinking about him today. Thanks

Byers missed the season because of complications from a hip surgery.
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