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Uh, can someone call OSHA?


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  • hehe - looks like DonnyJr is doing some contracting work this summer :lol:

    Back in 1971 when OSHA was just getting started, I started out as a Safety Engineer. I found this (old) article interesting. Who would have thought that OSHA would be involved with the porn industry?

    California board rejects condom requirement for porn films
    February 18, 2016
    Heeding the pleas of scores of actors, directors and producers, California officials in charge of workplace safety have rejected a proposal to require that porn actors cover up with condoms.

    Spokeswoman Julia Bernstein says the measure was rejected Thursday when only three members of the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health's Standards Board voted in favor.

    Four yes votes were required for passage.

    Bernstein says Cal/Osha will now begin considering a new workplace safety measure for porn actors.

    Board members heard more than five hours of testimony from those who said audiences won't accept condoms in porn films.

    The board was told the requirement would force the industry underground.

    That, they say, could eliminate safety standards already in place, such as testing every 14 days for sexually transmitted diseases.

    Porn industry officials previously said the proposed restrictions go too far and could result in actors having to wear not only condoms but also safety goggles and dental dams -- a rectangular piece of latex -- when engaging in some acts like oral sex.

    "That's pure fantasy on their part," responds Michael Weinstein, head of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, who has pushed Cal/OSHA for years to adopt workplace safety regulations aimed specifically at the porn industry.

    Entire article: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/california-board-rejects-condom-requirement-for-porn-films/

    WTF is a "dental dam"?
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