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LGHL Tyvis Powell shines on and off the field at the 2016 Senior Bowl

Alexis Chassen

Tyvis Powell shines on and off the field at the 2016 Senior Bowl
Alexis Chassen
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The Ohio State standout's not afraid to be a leader.

Former Ohio State safety Tyvis Powell was invited to the Senior Bowl, despite having only used three years of his eligibility on the field. The standout player was able to earn his degree early, making him eligible for the NFL's premier showcase. Powell finished the 2015 season with 71 total combined tackles, three interceptions and three passes defended. He also totaled eight interceptions in his three years with the Buckeyes.


S Tyvis Powell: 6026, 209.

— Jon Ledyard (@LedyardNFLDraft) January 26, 2016

His measurements also included 9 3/8" hands, 31 3/4" arms and a 77 1/8" wingspan.

Practice notes

Powell wasted no time showing scouts what he was capable of, picking off some of the biggest name at the Senior Bowl. He's shown athleticism on the field, and the ability to be a leader on the sideline.

Ohio State S Tyvis Powell had a solid practice today. Picked off Carson Wentz and Cody Kessler. #SeniorBowl

— Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge) January 28, 2016

Powell had a run-in with his former teammate Nick Vannett, and was able to force a pick in front of the tight end.

Nice play by Tyvis Powell to close on a pass in front of Nick Vannett to pick off a Cody Kessler pass in the end zone.

— Dan Kadar (@MockingTheDraft) January 28, 2016

Being a leader isn't something that Powell will lose after college, and he's already showing glimpses of his confidant self on the sideline with Cowboys coach Jason Garrett.

What a surprise, Tyvis Powell is talking. Lobbying to Jason Garrett for the defense in one on ones that he's not even involved in.

— Tony Gerdeman (@GerdOZone) January 28, 2016

Powell was asked in his one-on-one sit down with the Senior Bowl staff about what he was hoping to accomplish during his time in Alabama, "I hear that the Senior Bowl has some great competition out there so I can showcase my talents in front of some NFL coaches and have a good time. Hopefully I get to play alongside some of my former players again. We get one more time out there together. So I know I'm gonna have a lot of fun with that."

When being a Buckeye has always been a dream, it's easy to have as much fun as he does, "I mean look, when I grew up all I wanted to do was go to Ohio State and be a Buckeye! So every day ever since I committed and stepped foot on that campus I was living my dream. So that's like, yeah if you're living your dream, you gotta enjoy it! It's never a bad situation. Every time that you can say you're a Buckeye and that's your dream, of course you're going to be happy about it. So that's why. I seen a Woody Hayes quote that said "You can go be a Tiger, Eagle and a Bear anywhere else but there's only one place you can go to be a Buckeye." So that's why I hold that with a lot of pride."

Tyvis Powell is one hell of an interview.

— Jared Stanger (@JaredStanger) January 26, 2016

Nothing new for Buckeye Nation, but the NFL media is in for a real treat when the sit down with Powell throughout his career.

NFL interest

Working with the Cowboy's coaching staff, will certainly give him some face time with a defense that might be looking for some secondary help.

Ahead of the Senior Bowl, Powell was projected as a second round pick, going somewhere in the top 60. After this week, his stock rose a little if anything, but should still go relatively early.

Good note from @nfldraftscout's scouting notebook this wk on Tyvis Powell. Think true FS ability will put him top 60 pic.twitter.com/MGSosui1oa

— Connor Rogers (@ConnorJRogers) January 18, 2016

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