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Turning off reputation points


Icon and Entertainer
Maybe I am one of the few who did this, but I discovered some interesting things:

It appears that even if they are turned off that people can still leave reputation for you, however -- you cannot see what they left unless you turn it back on at some point. Leave it off, and they are just flatulating in the wind. You will never see what they left.

If you change your mind at some point, you can turn it back on and you keep all of the reputation you earned while it was off, and you can then see what was left for you while it was off.

Personally, I am opposed to anonymous comments. I have no problem with people dinging you points anonymously, but being able to leave comments without responsibility seems wrong to me, so I don't participate at all. Leaving reputation off also discourages people from leaving any, since they know that you won't ever read it.

It's just another nice feature of this board software that makes The Planet such a pleasure to use. Props to Clarity for making this board so easily customizable to your own tastes and preferences. :cheers: