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#32 Marshall 6ft 5 Sr.- Juco player leads the team in minutes(31) and points(16), also averages 6.8 boards a game. shoots 58.8% from behind the arc, scored 30 against unc-ashville, shot 5/6 from behind the arc in that game.

#22 Jackson 6ft 1 So.-2 gaurd. Not a very good shooter, good penetrator, terrific one on one game. very quick, and good defensive player nearly 2 steals a game last year. maybe their best offensive player who will shoot the 3 butshot a a mere 31% last year. Averagin almost 14 ppg this year.

#24 Ross 6ft 2 Sr.-Starting 1. Typical bobby knight pg, sets the offensive and is conservative in his offenses. will score in spurts like any good oplayer. likes to attack the hoop. most likely will on take a 3 in a stand still postion. aggresive on defense, liable to get in foul trouble. 12.5 ppg, 5rbs, 3.3 assits 2/1 a2to

#3 Zeno 6ft 5 Fr- 12.3 ppg, 2.8rb, 4.3 assits. has a tendency to get to the line, and convert there, over 83% from the line. terrible 3 point shooter. on his 6-5 fram carries probably 180.

#21 Giles 6ft 8 Sr.- Juco Weighs about 230, a banger. quick feet, with good lateral movement, good body control, can blcok shots. has a tendency to try and block maybe to many shots, took himself out of rebounding postion. not a flash offensive player. 12 ppg, 6.8rbs, 2.2blocks. very good ft shooter at 87%. Was runner up for NJ poy to Dajuan Wagner.

#41 Suljagic 6ft 8 Fr.- HAs seen most of his time in blow out wins, played in 5 gmaes 11ppg. very physical player at 240.

#5 Coffman 6ft 1 So- Rarely used, like suljagic mostly in mop up work. 5 games 18mins in those games, 6 ppg From Midland Lee, which i believe is laura bush's and tommy franks' high school

#44 Dora 6ft 9 So- Raw offensive player, terrible with his back ot the basket. a screener and provides 5 more fouls for his team. average at best shot blcoker, and very mediocore rebounder, though ended up with some gift rebounds, will not pull much down in traffic. 5.5ppg, 7 rbs.