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Trying to get at least 9 more teams for a fantasy league drafting tonight...

Let's try again next week...

I'm officially calling it a lost cause for tonight. I'd still like to get a league of Buckeye fans together though. Since I'm going to busy for the rest of the week and all weekend, I'm going to try again next week. It would have been nice to get it done before openning day but I procrastinated a little too long. Next time I'll make it later in the evening (probably around 7:00) and maybe even give more than 5 hours notice... Is there a day and/or time that would work best for anybody next week?
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It would be fun to participate...if I'm going to be in, the draft will have to be at 7 pm ET or later though (during the week), so that I can get home from work. I don't like doing the computer draft thing, because my team always ends up crap.
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