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Teddy and other Buckeye Quotes


``You can't be messing with (boosters),'' said Ginn, the Alamo Bowl offensive MVP. ``It's not just what (coaches) tell us, it's what my parents tell me. You know what's right from wrong. You know what you can take and what you can't.... It is easy. Just say no.''

He was asked after the game if he could contend for the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore.

``It's a possibility, you know,'' he said. ``I have to get on the things off the field... bigger, stronger, faster,'' he said.

Ginn can get faster? ``Oh, yeah,'' he said, smiling.
``You can't be messing with (boosters),'' said Ginn, the Alamo Bowl offensive MVP. ``It's not just what (coaches) tell us, it's what my parents tell me. You know what's right from wrong. You know what you can take and what you can't.... It is easy. Just say no.''
That sums it up pretty well....
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Why would anyone care what the players on the TEAM have to say about Coach Tressel? :roll2:

Boy, Ted Ginn hit it on the head. You know what you are supposed to do, so do it. Period.

Here are a first team all american and the most electrifying freshman in the nation. Think ESPN might put that out there?
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Is it a coincidence that Ginn is that good and is a good kid? Combine those traits and you have the potential for a Sunday football player.

#13 was that good and was not what I would call a good kid and look what happened to him. He is now questionable for Sundays.

Troy Smith has the potential but one dumbass mistake has jeopardized it.

If only we could show them what COULD be.:(
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Posted on Sun, Jan. 02, 2005
To stop Buckeyes' problems from getting worse, Tressel should ...
Take control now

By Terry Pluto

Dear Jim Tressel:

You have become the most powerful and respected Ohio State football coach since Woody Hayes.

That's why it's time for you to really take command of your program.

What you've accomplished in four years is remarkable. It begins with the 2002 national title. You are 3-1 in bowl games, 3-1 against Michigan and you have brought back the faith and confidence of the Buckeye fans.

You've seen the team graduation rate rise from 27 percent to more than 50 percent, along with being among the Big Ten league leaders in players on the conference all-academic team.

Just as important, you have the support of Ohio high school coaches who know you, believe in you and will continue to send their players to you.

In so many ways, you have been exactly what Ohio State needed after the malaise of the John Cooper Era. He never connected with fans or most high school coaches.

To say nothing of his graduation rate that was one of the worst in the Big Ten, nearly as bad as his 2-10-1 record against Michigan.

That's why you have to take one more step.

Part of your program is a mess. Too many kids arrested, too many problems with boosters. Things will never be perfect, but they have to be better than having 15 players in trouble with the law over the last four years and having your starting quarterback suspended right before the Alamo Bowl for taking cash from a fan.

You need to look back at some of those recruits. Were they at-risk kids when they came to Ohio State? Were you warned about them? Were they worth the gamble?

Not every high school player belongs on a church window, but sometimes you just know a kid is headed for the police blotter. You are not at Youngstown State, where you sometimes had to take some chances. You have one of the premier programs in the country. You are considered one of the top college coaches, and you have a school where kids want to play.

Be more selective.

You have recruited so many good kids who have handled themselves well; you are letting the knuckleheads trash their reputations -- and yours. You can repair some of the damage by more careful recruiting. Look at some of the players arrested -- they weren't even that talented.

If you have to get rid of some troublemakers before next season, do it -- even if they surface and play for another school.

And you need to look at the booster situation.

You never should have sent Maurice Clarett to that car dealer, no matter how pure your motives. You say you did it so he wouldn't get a sweet deal somewhere and end up in hot water with the NCAA.

Yet, to some outsiders it appears as if you had a hand in setting him up with a car -- fair or not.

You have a prior relationship with a Buckeye booster named Robert Q. Baker, who supposedly gave Troy Smith some cash. It is a blessing that another Ohio State supporter called the school to inform officials about the Baker/Smith situation.

Left unchecked, it would just become worse and include more players. Right now, we don't know if this was an isolated incident, or if many players were being paid. No doubt, the NCAA will try to find out.

Boosters with $100 handshakes for players probably go back to the days of no facemasks or forward passes, but that still doesn't make it right.

Coach, it's up to you to begin to make some of these things right.

If it means being tougher with longer suspensions and expulsions for players, do it. If it means breaking some old friendships with supporters, do it. Whatever it takes, do it.

You can do it, because you have the clout and credibility to bring things under control. And if you don't, the NCAA will -- and you certainly don't want that to happen.
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Quotes from Buckeyes regarding how they manage to block out the negative news and focus on football

"The reason we’re able to shut it off is because coach Tressel and the coaches do a good job of keeping us out of the mix," linebacker Anthony Schlegel said. "We don’t know what’s going on. We have people that all they want to do is play the game of football and win and represent the Ohio State University. That’s what you’ve got to do."

Defensive end Simon Fraser is a bright guy, the son of an Ohio State professor. He was asked how he managed to avoid hearing negative news.

"It’s easy — you don’t subscribe to The Dispatch," he said, laughing.

What about ESPN? You guys watch television, don’t you?

"That’s why you watch The Simpsons," he said. "That’s why you’ve got XBox and PlayStation."

Cornerback Ashton Youboty was almost contemptuous with his response.

"I’ve got a life," he said. "I’m always busy with school and football. I stay occupied."

"The worst part that I can’t stand is that I hope no one looks at maybe the program is not being run the right way," kicker Mike Nugent said. "These coaches are so unbelievable with the class they bring.

"For guys to do what they’ve done, there’s really no one to blame but just the guys that made mistakes. None of the coaches are doing anything wrong."
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I think this is a pretty good article. The one thing about Coach Hayes is he spoke his mind. H e didn't concern himself with what was politically correct he told it the way he saw it. There was never a question of what was right or wrong with him, it was always the right way. Coach T would do himself well to make a stand on a issue or issues, the gang would support that. Isn't the players nickname for Tress the Senator?
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