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21st Century Buckeye Man
Staff member
We are now less than 3 weeks until the 2004 season begins!! As a way to help pass the time, and get the Buckeye juices flowing even more, I offer the following Buckeye Countdown to Kickoff Trivia Contest. The winner is the first person to submit a correct answer. The winner receives nothing other than a hearty congratulations and the knowledge that his/her Buckeye football IQ (or researching ability) is superior to the rest.

Here is today's question:

Ohio State enters the 2004 season with a 16 game home winning streak. What is the Ohio State record for the most consecutive games won in Ohio Stadium and what were the years of the streak?
We are now just over 2 weeks until the 2004 season begins!! Where are the daily questions?!?

I have one! The winner can send Milli a DVD burner so we can get a copy of Combat!

When was the last time Ohio State had three (3) running backs each rush for over 100 yards in the same game? Name the opponent and each of the backs, and of course the year.
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