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This kid should be in the all star game. He's been dominating for most of the year and at 9-1 he has now tied Gaylord Perry for the most consecutive home wins.
He reminds me so much of a Tom Glavine type. He's a bit more overpowering than Glavine ever was, but he is a pitcher and not a pure thrower in the same mold of the long time Brave pitcher.

Boy, I'd like to see a 20 game winner in Cleveland. He has a real shot.
He's been spectacular... He actually reminds me of Orel Hershiser (Only left handed)... because of the way he does those subtle arm angle changes and moves around the hitters sight plain... and he can dial it up a bit more than Glavine... Orel's stuf was a bit nastier than Cliff's... but I think once Lee learns how to do those real minute speed changes... he'll be amazed at the movement he can get.

Anyway... I think the Tribe's rotation is looking real nice once Traber and Tallet get back... I think Davis really just has some mechanics problems (The kid's delivery changes about every 3rd start).. and hopefully they can get those worked out...
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This was another good trade by the Tribe front office.
He came in the Colon trade and Colon is still struggling. Colon has to be one of the most overated pichers in the last 8 years.
I know Phillips came in this trade as well. Wasn't there one other player that came as well? I can't think of who it was.

The Indians will have to step up to the table and pay Lee. He's going to be outstanding. Cannot lose him to FA in a few years.
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Grady Sizemore was the other... he's really progressed nicely form all reports.

Phillips could still turn out to be a very useful player.. I think he was still only 21 or 22 last year and has played pretty well in AAA. There is always the possibilty that the Indians could move him back to SS (He was an excellent defender last year), so even if his offense doesn't progress as well as hoped... it would be less of an issue as at 2B.
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