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Goal Goal USA!
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Former FF The Deuce Champ
the only thing i can say to this is...ohhhhhhhhhh snap!

Mike Norman, Ok: Trev, who is espn going to pimp on the east coast for the Heisman this year since Fitzgerald has left Pitt.??

Trev Alberts: (3:45 PM ET ) Seriously, Mike, I don't know how to deal with people like you? How do you formulate your thoughts? Fitzgerald needed no pimping. His play did the most pimping of anyone. I would have voted for him to win the Heisman. Was White deserving? Sure. But you should be more concerned that most publications just gloss over White this year and talk about Matt Leinart. The Heisman is different to different people. But it should just be the most outstanding player overall and that was Fitzgerald last year.