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Tress vs. his predecessors


Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
How many of us realize that JT is currently the #2 coach in OSU history, by winning percentage?

according to http://www.cfbdatawarehouse.com/data/div_ia/bigten/ohio_state/coaching_records.php
he's second only to Carroll C. Widdoes, who went 16-2 during his two-year career (.889 win pct.) They list Tress as .821, but if you add this year, that drops to .814, which is just enough to keep him ahead of John Eckstorm. Not to mention above Paul Brown and Woody.

And, let's not forget... John Cooper.

I'm not trying to ruffle any feathers, but if he keeps this up, I'd say we have a good one, here. :)

also, Check out the pic of Petey...
Doesn't he look like he just either a) farted in church, ans is loving it... or b) is playing with himself in front of a group of co-eds?
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Nobody is saying we don't have a great coach (this side of Sucknuts, that is). However, I wouldn't put the offensive coordinator on that list, and until the offense improves, JT bears responsibility for that. We need a better plan, and I'm sure he's working on it as we speak.
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While we're tossing out "don't forgets", don't forget this -- the last OSU coach to lose in Evanston (1958) was Woody Hayes. Woody was also the last coach to lose to NW in Columbus (1971).

Overall, despite those losses, WWH turned out to be a pretty good head coach. :wink:
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Get off my lawn, you hooligans!
Does anybody else get the impression that most of us are calming down now?

I've already sat through several hours' worth of ' WOW. you guys lost! ' at school, and really feel I can move on now.

Also interesting to note is that using 'you guys got blown out' as a reply to the 'you guys lost' didn't seem to have much effect. Probably because the sparties expected to get blown out, I'd imagine :tongue2:
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Tressel is 5-3 in his last 8 conference games.

I like that one because it shows what you can do with numbers if you look hard enough. It is also perhaps the most relevant of the numbers cited.

Some posts here seem to imply that JT needs defending. I don't see anybody crying for his head. Folks are screaming about the Offense.

You know, the O that is last in rusing and 9th in passing in the Big Ten.

The O that ranks behind Kent St, Miaimi of Ohio, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, and Ohio U in passing Offense.

The O that ranks behind Kent St, Miaimi of Ohio, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, and Ohio U in rushing Offense.

The O that has consistently played at this level (with some exception in 2002) since JT has been here.

The O that has had us blaming our O-line for poor performance for four years - despite sending every graduating starter to the NFL.

Arguably the worst Offense STATISTICALLY over a four year period that we have had in modern times.

I emphasize 'statistically' because the real job of the O is to put enough points on the board to win games. The argument for the past three years is that our O gets that done. But I am still struggling to understand why 'opportunistic and mistake free' has to equate to ineffective.

Did I just hihack this thread? Sorry.
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But I didn't, so it doesn't
The O that has had us blaming our O-line for poor performance for four years - despite sending every graduating starter to the NFL.
It is the O-line, but not the players' fault. There's some disconnect if these guys are highly rated out of high school and can start as rookies in the NFL, but suck here in Columbus. And the only constant has been Bollman, he must go before he fucks up the 2004 and 2005 recruiting classes that Fickell and Co. are trying to build.

And the inability to teach the offensive line is why I have to give Tressel a pass on his OC job so far. Does anybody really believe that we would be going 5 wide if we could line up and punch teams in the mouth? Tressel gave Pittman and Joe more playing time once they were healthy, and we saw a bit of improvement. But the gameplan has to be predicated on the strengths of each unit. People want screens to get the ball into the hands of Bam and Teddy, but the line won't allow for those plays to be set up. You can't coach as if Stringer, Bentley, and Pace are on the line. Bollman has to take the fall for this mediocrity, IMO. It'd be one thing if the draftees were projects, but they are starting as rookies.
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