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tOSU will have a top 5 class next year...

IMO. Michigan will be near top 10, but not quite as high as tOSU. You will have a full class like us next year and be rated top 5 by everyone like we were the last two years. We only have about 14 scholarships for next year as it stands right now. The highest that could go upto is probably 18, so it looks like we won't have a full class. You guys are probably going to get Boren also, its looking more and more like Michigan might not offer him.
I appreciate the respect. You don't have to kiss up around here to be respected, just don't go overboard with your viewpoints. I think Boren is still a possibility for TSUN, but I think he's gonna be a buck. Not as much as I believe Small/Rose will be tho.
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biobuck said:
U get Boren because it looks more and more like 'michigan might not offer him'...?? so..if michigan offers boren..he's a lock for michigan?
Pretty much, that was his 13 year old brother has told various "insiders". Boren hasn't really heard much from Michigan, but OSU has been on him hard seen he was a sophmore. I think he and his family feel a little disrespected by UM.
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