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tOSU vs. Minnesota, Sat 2/22 @ 6pm ET, BTN

I'll disagree with you here. I think Thompson, Ross and Craft are all excellent, as is Shannon Scott, at finishing.

If you look at the Buckeyes' several strong comebacks this season, they've pretty much all been driven by strong defense and attacking the basket hard. I noticed after re-watching the post-game comments on BTN that their analyst Steve Smith also believes the Buckeyes need to push the pace.

I would say all of those guys are average at scoring in transition from the standpoint of when they have to get past one guy to score on the break, they aren't consistent at scoring in transition. Guys who are excellent are players like Andrew Wiggins and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist who ALWAYS put the ball in the hole with one guy to beat.

It's better for OSU to try to push the pace but let's be honest most teams aren't going to leave the basket as poorly defended as Minnesota.
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Fun game to watch in the second half. I am just trying to enjoy the final year of Aaron Craft and getting as many regular season wins as we can. I highly doubt we make any type of run in the tourney, so I am just trying to enjoy the season. Any team that disallows us to get near the basket has us beat but it is what it is at this point.
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Matta said after the game that at halftime they told the players okay we tried it your way in the first half and now we are going to try it my way in the second half. I guess they got his message.

I just wonder if this team would be quite a bit better if they played all of their games like they did in the second half yesterday. They just seem to push the ball up the floor much quicker in the second half. In most of the games that they have played this season they really have not pushed the ball like they did yesterday.

I have never seen such a quicker game of transition, than what I watched from this team ever. Oh, maybe they did it with Thomas last year a couple times but to me, it is still hard to for me to believe that Thomas was the difference maker in this team from a year ago.

Maybe home court advantage is one of the difference makers in basketball, but if this transition game was something new , then it worked out okay. I hope it can be a "Spark" coming down the road for the last 3 games, but we shall see huh?

On the other hand last night I watched Minnesota do a complete reverse game against Iowa. And it made me think that our defense
is becoming better also. The way we held Illinois to just 38 points and the gophers to 46, has to be good & positive effort also.
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