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Never Forget 31-0
tOSU will look to keep sole possession of fourth place in the Big Ten when it travels to Minnesota on Saturday (5:07 p.m., ESPN Plus).

The Buckeyes (18-8, 7-5) have won six of their last seven games, including a 57-44 triumph over visiting Indiana on Tuesday. The Golden Gophers (16-9, 6-6) have dropped three straight, the most recent being an 81-62 loss at Michigan State on Wednesday.
Need to rebound and get some threes to drop. 24-17 Minny. Dials in foul trouble early.

This does not look good.

Matta needs some major adjustments and we are really missing Sylvester.

24-19 at the half.

Cold as ice! Shooting 25% from the field and 20% on threes. Don't know the count on rebounds but if we got three offensive boards, I would be surprised. 80% on free throws the sole good point.
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the law of averages needs to kick in and they need to get hot... I have a bet going with one of my buddys i say they can play in the big ten tourny i also bet him we would win twenty games this year.. this was before the post season suspention... can any one tell me if they can play in the big ten tourny
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ESPN just switched to show this game. Minny up 51-50 with the ball and 11 seconds left.

Buckeyes now have the ball at midcourt, down 52-50 with 9 seconds left.

Sullinger had an off-balance leaner rim out from about 8 feet with a second left.

52-50 final.
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