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tOSU v. Texas Tech

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by vrbryant, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. vrbryant

    vrbryant Ever thus to ____ers Staff Member

    Thank goodness it's on ESPN. Wouldn't see it otherwise here in NC.
  2. scooter1369

    scooter1369 HTTR Forever.

    I hope to be able to watch some of it.
  3. Bucktastic

    Bucktastic Troy Smith for HEISMAN

    Should be a tough one for the Bucks tonight. Hopefully we can pull off a solid road win!!!
  4. is it an hd game???
  5. Espin put anything buckeye game in hd are you kidding?
  6. LoKyBuckeye

    LoKyBuckeye I give up. This board is too hard to understand.

    thanks for the heads up on the game... now I have something to watch tonight. what time is tip off?
  7. 9pm i did a tiny little scouting report after watching tech a week or soagao
  8. smitty03

    smitty03 Somebody's Heine' is crowdin' my icebox...

    tOSU is going to have its hands full tonight. Texas Tech will be a good test for the Bucks before conference play starts. Tech is 2nd in country in scoring offense just behind North Carolina at around 90 points a game. Could be a good game, tOSU is going to have to shoot the lights out tonight from behind the 3 point arc (which they showed they can) or play strong defense. Hopefully they put both things together and pull out a good road win. Harris and Sullinger need to help Dials out inside, Dora and Giles both are good rebounders from their forward/post positions for Tech.
  9. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    Not to mention that Bobby certainly has a bug up his butt for this one after getting passed over and 9 days to prepare.
  10. WangHo


    Go Buckeyes!!! Beat the crap outta the sand aggies!!
  11. Buckeye513

    Buckeye513 Stable Genius

    Was that last foul on us? I didn't catch it.
  12. WangHo


    FYI, guys this is one of the WORST Big XII officiating crews calling this game.
  13. I agree, whats with all the travelings? I can't watch it but i'm listening and I'm not liking all the traveling.
  14. ohiobuck94

    ohiobuck94 Buckeye Beach Bum

    :io: :io: 28-20 tOSU with 7:17 to go in the half.

    Bucks looking good. :oh:
  15. Dryden

    Dryden Sober as Sarkisian Staff Member Tech Admin


    Fuss-Cheatham drains the three - takes the lead to 12!

    Man the Bucks have taken the crowd out of it ... you could hear a pin drop!

    I didn't know this was a home game for us. :biggrin:

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