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tOSU v. Portland State

Most Improved Buckeye

Right now I think its a toss up for most improved Buckeye between Ivan Harris and Tony Stockman. The nod might go to Stockman because of his scoring and that he's a senior. Big props to both of those players so far this season. I think Fuss would be third.
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Just back from the game.

First off they played fairly well, still a lot to work on. Dials can be a force down low, but needs to come out ready to play as he struggled the first 8 minutes when he was benched for MM, then came back in to dominate.

Even know we didnt shoot very well, this team can really shoot it. They just need to take some shots inside the arc when they are open and not always look to kick for 3's.

Play pretty good on defense besides inside. Post defense is horrible as Dials seems lost sometimes.

Butler played well. So did Foster.

All in all it was a good night. We should see if we have imporved any when we go to Lubbick.

One other thing Billings looked as if he had a real bad ankle when he came in. He was hobbling all over the court but still played like the last 6 minutes, where he looked like a man amongist boys. Hopefully that ankle can heal.
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First time Billings has looked good on the offensive side of the ball this season. Would love to see him start to step up to that potential.

I am becoming a big time believer in Foster. If you really watch everything that kid does he rarely makes a mistake, takes great shots, has a sweeeet stroke and plays awesome D. Hate that we only get to see him for two years.
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