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tOSU lands bigtime transfer (Ronald Lewis)


Lewis is a 6'3 1/2 guard from BGSU that transferred because he thinks he needs to play pg in order to make it to the NBA. He averaged 17 points a game as a sophmore and is from Columbus Brookhaven.

This is a strange development if you ask me. We are in possession of Jamar Butler (6'1 pg), leading for Denis Clemente(6'1 pg) who by the way is turning into one of the top five pg's in the country according to some(Matta has told him he would start as a freshman) But then he makes this move on Lewis. I don't like it. I'm Sure Lewis does well here but I think this hurts our chances to land a great pg in Clemente. Plus Lewis sounds more focussed on the NBA than he does on making his college team better.

One question this brings to mind though, is what Matta thinks of Butler. Jamar's dad told me that Matta recruited Butler in highschool more than anyone and said Butler was crazy about him, but all of the sudden, matta is promissing Butlers job to Clemente and bringing in a transfer who is a sg but demands to be made into a pg.

I understand we need to keep the cupboard full, but don't promise positions and starting positions. Get em all and let em fight it out. I hope Butler is motivated by this.
I wouldn't be suprised to see Jamar play a lot of 2 in addition to the 1. Matta at X valued guards who could handle the ball and Jamar has enough offense to play the 2. Lewis could play some 2 as well. Matta seems like the type that would put the best pair of guards on the floor. A group of guards that could handle the rock with two of them being able to shift to 2 would be nice versatility.
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At one time, players transferred to OSU from big name schools. Now they come from the MAC. That's just sad.
lame post.....you have to do better than that Tibor...everyone knows the program is not where it was 5-6 years ago or so......:shake:

I think this is a great pick up for Matta, he knows he is behind in recruiting due to the late hiring (thanks Holbrook)......he gets a proven player who has some talent and can give them some versatility, I like it......:bow:
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tibor75 said:
At one time, players transferred to OSU from big name schools. Now they come from the MAC. That's just sad.

Yeah, we woudn't have wanted a transfer from Indiana State in the late '70s either. The only thing that's sad is you pawning yourself off as a Buckeye fan and as someone who has a clue about sports.
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Article published Friday, September 3, 2004

Former Falcon headed for OSU
Lewis will sit out 2004-05 season


Former Bowling Green men's basketball player Ronald Lewis announced yesterday that he will transfer to Ohio State.
Lewis is a 6-4 guard who earned second team All-MAC honors last season after averaging 17.0 points per game, sixth-best in the league. NCAA rules mandate Lewis sit out the 2004-05 season. He will have two years of eligibility remaining.

Lewis will receive the scholarship left vacant when Nick Dials transferred from OSU to Akron in June.

A month ago the Bowling Green athletic department said it would give Lewis a release after an investigation into whether there may have been communication between another Division I program and either Lewis or members of his family regarding a possible transfer.

Such communication, without prior written approval by the school, would be a violation of NCAA rules.

J.D. Campbell, BG's assistant athletic director for communications, said the school gave Lewis a "limited release" from his scholarship.

"We gave him a release provided he did not sign with any MAC school, Cleveland State, Nebraska or Norfolk State," Campbell said.

When asked if the latter three were schools Bowling Green suspected had illegal contact with Lewis, Campbell said only, "Those are schools we just weren't comfortable granting a release to."

Both BG athletic director Paul Krebs and basketball coach Dan Dakich were out of town yesterday and unavailable for comment.

Lewis denied that he or anyone in his family had contact with another basketball program before he was given his release by Bowling Green.

"They said they think we talked to people, and they can accuse me of anything but I didn't talk to anyone," Lewis said. "It's just not true."

Lewis added that going to Ohio State wasn't his goal - leaving Bowling Green was.

"It was more important to leave Bowling Green, because I didn't know Ohio State would offer me a scholarship when I left," Lewis said. "That opportunity came when I got my release.

"[At Bowling Green] they have players leaving every year, and I didn't feel we were getting any better. We couldn't develop any continuity."

The league's only returning player with a higher scoring average than Lewis' 17 is Toledo's Keith Triplett, who averaged 19.6.

Lewis scored 877 points in his two seasons with the Falcons, the second-highest total for a sophomore in school history. Anthony Stacey scored 890 points on his way to becoming the school's all-time leading scorer.

A Columbus native, Lewis said playing at a school close to home was one reason he chose to attend Ohio State.

"Coach [Thad Matta] is playing my style of basketball," Lewis said. "I like the players and I like their system."

Lewis said some of the other schools he had contact with included Evansville, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Penn State, UMass and Dayton.

"I didn't want to go far away from my family, and obviously it doesn't get much closer [to home] than this," Lewis said.

When the school made public the news of Lewis' request for a transfer, his family stated the possibility of a lawsuit existed. Now Lewis said he and his family are ready to move on.

"There won't be any lawsuits, or nothing like that," Lewis said. "They gave me my release, so this is closed."

Lewis said he will start attending classes at Ohio State when school opens on Sept. 22 and will major in sports management.
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