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tBBC Top NFL Games in 2016 Involving Ohio State Buckeyes

Joe Dexter

Top NFL Games in 2016 Involving Ohio State Buckeyes
Joe Dexter
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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For college football fans that love their Ohio State Buckeyes, the NFL season got more intriguing this weekend.

Overall, 13 former Ohio State Buckeyes (including Noah Spence) were selected by NFL teams.

So far, two other former Ohio State players have signed as undrafted free agents as well. Combine that with the already strong contingency of Buckeyes in the NFL, and the 2016 season becomes intriguing for all of Buckeye Nation.

Here is a top look at Buckeye vs. Buckeye match ups during the upcoming NFL season.

Week 1

Thursday, September 8 — Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos (8:30 PM ET NBC): Not only do fans get to relive the Super Bowl, they also get another strong taste of Ohio State football. Last time around, the OSU story line was Bradley Roby vs. Ted Ginn Jr. and Philly Brown. This time, you can add Kurt Coleman vs. Jeff Heuerman and DeVier Posey to the mix.

Sunday, September 11th — New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (4:25 PM ET FOX): The two rookies pitted up against each other. Ezekiel Elliott faces off with his former teammate Eli Apple during the first week of the season. I can picture it now. The NFL world is introduced to the greatest Ohio State draft class with Zeke and Rod Smith exploding for 200+ yards on the ground and Eli picking off a Tony Romo pass to win the game. The off-kilter throw being caused by big Johnathan Hankins.

Week 2

Thursday, September 15 — New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (8:25 PM ET CBS): It’s still hard for me to picture Adolphus Washington trying to smash through Nick Mangold. Also in the mix potentially is Cardale Jones at quarterback for the Bills. Jalin Marshall has a good shot at making the Jets roster and Devin Smith will try to go over the top of Rex Ryan’s defense.

Sunday, September 18 — New Orleans Saints at New York Giants (1:00 PM ET Fox): Eli Apple vs. Michael Thomas. Vonn Bell against Odell Beckham Jr. or Rueben Randle. Enough Said.

Week 3

Sunday, September 25 — San Fransisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks (4:05 PM ET Fox): The first edition of Nick Vannett vs. Carlos Hyde. Two bulldozers who can have an instant impact offensively.

Sunday, September 25 — San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts (4:25 PM ET CBS): Joey Bosa against Jack Mewhort could be fun at times, especially if the Chargers coaching staff plan to twist their top pick inside at times for better matchups.

Week 4

Sunday, October 2 — Seattle Seahawks at New York Jets (1 PM ET Fox): If Tyvis Powell makes the roster, he could play a huge role in covering Jalin Marshall underneath. Also, Nick Vannett might try to become his worst nightmare.

Sunday October 2 — New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers (4:25 PM ET Fox): I’d love to see Josh Perry have a huge game against the Saints run game, that is doing everything it can to improve. Something about Joey Bosa pass rushing Drew Brees gives me goosebumps. Especially if he can evade the pressure and get the ball to Michael Thomas.

Week 5

Sunday October 9 — New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers (1:00 PM ET CBS): Are you kidding me? Two of the best Ohio State linebackers in school history competing against each other’s opposing offenses? Ryan Shazier and Darron Lee will be fun to watch. The comparison between the two has been thrown out there tons of times during the draft process. Let’s see if the comparison sticks.

Monday October 10 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers (8:30 PM ET ESPN): I’m cheating a little here but Andrew Norwell trying to stop Noah Spence? All I’ll say is if Spence moves inside, I’m giving the edge to Norwell (Go ahead, call me crazy!). This game could also feature three former Ohio State receivers in Ted Ginn, Philly Brown, and Evan Spencer.

Week 6

Thursday October 13 — Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (8:25 PM ET CBS): The story line in pregame for this one will be focused on the emergence of Joey Bosa and Brad Roby. It will also possibly feature Joshua Perry trying to stop former Buckeye TE Jeff Heuerman.

Week 7

Monday, October 24 — Houston Texans at Denver Broncos (8:30 PM ET ESPN): Braxton Miller vs. Brad Roby??!? It’s a very good possibility with Miller playing in the slot and Roby slotted at free safety.

Week 8

Sunday, October 30 — Detroit Lions at Houston Texans (1:00 PM ET Fox): This will be a great development game to see where the likes of Braxton Miller and Taylor Decker stand.

Sunday, October 30 — Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints: There are so many good nuggets here. Can Vonn Bell keep Jimmy Graham in check against his former team? Will Michael Thomas studder-step the Legion of Boom into a group face plant?

Sunday, October 30 — San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos II (4:25 PM ET CBS)

Week 9

Sunday November 6 — Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns (1 PM ET Fox): EZE returns to Ohio to take on the team that probably would have passed on him if he fell to number 8 in the draft. Poor Cleveland fans….

Sunday November 6 — Colts at Packers (4:25 PM ET CBS): If you are a nerd that loves the trenches, this one is for you. Corey Linsley and Jack Mewhort will battle to protect their respected quarterbacks in the game being called, “Luck vs. Rodgers II”.

Monday, November 7 — Bills at Seahawks (8:30 PM ET ESPN): I hope Cardale Jones is starting at this point and that he gets the opportunity to carve the Hawks. Can you tell I’m not a big fan of Pete Carroll?

Week 10

Sunday, November 13 — Broncos at Saints (1:00 PM CBS): Heck yes — an aerial attack on both sides led by Ohio State players and defensively, secondaries that depend on former Ohio State players.

Sunday, November 13 — Cowboys at Steelers (8:30 PM ET NBC): Does it get better than a longtime rivalry between two even teams in primetime? It sure does. Especially when the key match up will be Ryan Shazier vs. Ezekiel Elliott.

Week 11

Thursday November 17 — New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers (8:25 PM ET): Receivers for days. Receivers for days.

Sunday November 20 — Eagles at Seahawks (4:25 PM ET CBS): Malcolm Jenkins will have a chance to guard Nick Vannett.

Week 12

Sunday, November 27 — Chargers at Texans (1:00 PM ET CBS): I hear Joshua Perry and Joey Bosa have agreed not to double team Braxton Miller.

Week 13

Sunday December 4 — Panthers at Seahawks II (8:30 PM ET)

Sunday December 4 — Giants at Steelers (8:30 PM ET ): Eli Apple and Ryan Shazier on the same field. Enough said.

Sunday December 4 — Lions at Saints (1:00 PM ET FOX): TDeck vs. Vonn Bell and Michael Thomas.

Week 14

Sunday, December 11 — Steelers at Bills (1:00 PM ET CBS): Mike Adams will try and stop Adolphus Washington in the trenches. This could be a war of epic proportion.

Sunday, December 11 — Chargers at Panthers (1:00 PM ET FOX): This game will have a total of six former Buckeyes on the field.

Week 15

Sunday, December 18 — Steelers at Bengals (8:30 PM ET NBC): Is it a stretch to use a kicker match up in this game? Mike Nugent might play a role people! (After last year’s playoff game, I want to see this again).

Week 16

Monday December 26 — Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (8:30 PM ET ESPN): A late Christmas present for fans will be Ezekiel Elliott running all over my favorite team’s defense. Hopefully Taylor Decker can get the lanes open for the rushing attack of the Lions to balance things out..

Week 17

Sunday January 1 — Buffalo Bills at New York Jets II (1:00 PM ET CBS)

Sunday January 1 — Seahawks at 49ers II (4:25 PM ET Fox)

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