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Top 5 songs of your favorite band


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  • I have a lot of classic rocks bands that I like, but as I was reminiscing about the recent The Who concert, I started thinking about which songs of theirs are my favorites (plus I've heard several different The Who songs over the last few days used in TV shows and commercials). So, I figured I'd ask you all to pick a favorite band and name your five favorite songs by them (doesn't have to be from the same album). I'll start with...

    The Who
    1. Won't get fooled again
    2. I can see for miles
    3. Baba O'Riley
    4. Join together
    5. Pinball wizard
    Though their newer stuff pretty much sucks, I still love the old school Pearl Jam. My top five would probably run something like this:

    1. Yellow Ledbetter
    2. Nothing Man
    3. Release Me
    4. Better Man
    5. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
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    Great choices Sears...I have a few since they are from such varying genres:

    Virginia Coalition
    Nicole's Song
    Jerry Jermaine
    Mista Banks
    Green and Grey

    Jimi Hendrix
    Who Knows?
    Machine Gun
    Voodoo Child
    Crosstown Traffic
    Star Spangled Banner

    Mos Def
    Umi Says
    I Against I
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    Guadalcanal Diary -


    Cattle Prod

    Watusi Rodeo

    Ghost on the Road

    Lonely Street

    This band was OSU to REMs scUM in the 80s. GD was similar, but better musically and lyrically, to REM, but, somehow REM took off instead and have pretty much sucked ever since.
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