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No mercy
Dont know if this has been posted yet. According to Fox Sports, these are their 'Top 25 Stars' for 2005. I would love to see some inputs on everyones top 10 stars for next year.

******P.S. We made their "5 Spring Games I would pay to see" citing: Ohio State. Ted Ginn Jr. wants to play cornerback, too. Yeah, and I want to see him race Reggie Bush and Xavier Carter.*******


<!-- esi: /widget/story/videoAndPhotoGallery?contentId=3333472-->After a relatively down year talent-wise in 2004, several teams and conferences will come roaring back with plenty of returning experience, top-level stars, and one marquee team out in Los Angeles that'll be to college football what the Chicago Bulls were to the NBA after the return of Michael Jordan in the mid-to-late 1990s. Below are 25-plus players who'll make 2005 a year to really look forward to.

Depending on who you want to go by, Leinart is coming back for his third (some say second) national title and can go down as, possibly, the greatest college quarterback of all-time with another championship. With the cachet of being the returning Heisman winner, the media market, the phenomenal supporting cast, the looks, the celebrity and the coaching staff, he'll be in for a huge season.

2. Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma
The Heisman finalist was hailed as the best freshman running back since Herschel Walker and is set for a stellar year as the focal point of the Sooner offense.

3. Reggie Bush, RB USC
If Leinart is Jordan, Bush is Pippen in this traveling circus. Several opposing coaches will be much more worried about Bush than any of the other Trojans.
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4. Vince Young, QB Texas
It's hard to come up with a more electrifying bowl-winning performance than VY's Rose Bowl against Michigan (remember, Michael Vick lost in the Sugar Bowl to Florida State). If he can turn his passing talents up a notch (and beat Oklahoma), he'll give Leinart a serious challenge for the Heisman.

5. Ted Ginn Jr., you name it, Ohio State
The best defensive back, kick returner, wide receiver, runner, heck, maybe even quarterback on Ohio State will rival Bush as the nation's most versatile and electrifying player.

6. <FSTL:CATEGORYLINK categoryId="176465">Laurence Maroney</FSTL:CATEGORYLINK>, RBs Minnesota
Now that Marion Barber III is off to the NFL, the speedy Maroney will have to shine as the focus of the Gopher attack. He'll come through with a 1,500-yard season.

7. Mike Hart, RB Michigan
With QB Chad Henne more experienced, the passing game should click even better taking the heat off Hart. The workhorse was every bit as good as Adrian Peterson during a long stretch last year.

<!-- esi: /name/public/FS/CFB/coverage-->8. Brad Smith, QB Missouri
After a tremendously disappointing 2004, the Tiger quarterback should come back roaring in his senior year with a good receiving corps and three years of starting experience. 9. Chris Leak, QB Florida
While not the runner Bowling Green's Josh Harris and Utah's <FSTL:CATEGORYLINK categoryId="87291">Alex Smith</FSTL:CATEGORYLINK> were, Leak should be the next superstar under head coach Urban Meyer.
10. Omar Jacobs, QB Bowling Green
He was one of the nation's most productive passers as a sophomore and should explode as a junior with Charles Sharon to throw to.

11. Reggie McNeal, QB Texas A&M
McNeal had a fantastic rebound season and will be looking to do even more in his final year in Aggieland. For a time in 2004 he was college football's best quarterback.
12. Devin Hester, DB/WR/KR Miami
Hester gives Bush and Ginn a run for the honor of college football's most breathtaking player. Now the question is where to play the all-around superstar. 13. Drew Tate, QB Iowa
The gutty Tate was the Big Ten's most valuable player carrying the Hawkeyes to a share of the conference title despite a bizarre slew of running back injuries. Iowa is loaded with experience.

14. Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College
Just save everyone time and put the dude's name on all the awards possible for a defensive lineman.

15. Gerald Riggs Jr., RB Tennessee
The Vols will be loaded in 2005 and Riggs will be the centerpiece of the attack. There's talk of the receiving corps being UT's best ever, so it'll be hard for Riggs to be a marked man.

16. Texas Tech QB possibly Cody Hodges
The leader of the Mike Leach machine is sure to be among the nation's statistical leaders. Having Jarrett Hicks to throw to and Taurean Henderson to hand off to certainly helps.

17. Tyler Palko, QB & Greg Lee WR Pittsburgh
The fiery Panther star quarterback will bomb away with sure-thing Biletnikoff finalist Lee for one of the Big East's most dangerous tandems.

<FSTL:CATEGORYLINK categoryId="223217">Marshawn Lynch</FSTL:CATEGORYLINK>, RB California
If you liked J.J. Arrington ...

19. Bruce Gradkowski, QB Toledo
Another year, another ridiculously high completion percentage and run for the MAC title.

<FSTL:CATEGORYLINK categoryId="216249">Jamario Thomas</FSTL:CATEGORYLINK> and Patrick Cobbs, RBs North Texas
The last two NCAA rushing leaders will be in the same backfield at times this year.

Garrett Wolfe, RB Northern Illinois
It's now proven that the NIU running back will gain a bazillion yards. Wolfe is a deadly home-run hitter.

22. Wali Lundy, RB and/or Ahmad Brooks, LB Virginia
Lundy, the touchdown machine, sort of fell off the map over the second half of last year, but he has the talent to be the leader of the Cavalier offense. Brooks should be the nation's best linebacker unless ...

23. A.J. Hawk, LB Ohio State
... the Buckeye star has another huge season. Virginia's linebacking corps will be solid, Iowa's will be phenomenal, <FSTL:CATEGORYLINK categoryId="86061">Ohio State</FSTL:CATEGORYLINK>'s will be next-level good.

24. Brian Brohm, QB Louisville
The hot-shot recruit of 2004 will step into Stefan LeFors' spot and keep the Caridnal machine rolling. 25. Maurice Drew, RB UCLA
This should be a resurgent year for the Bruins and Drew, the human pinball, and LBs Spencer Havner and Justin London will lead the way.

MistriBuck said:
notice there are only 2 defensive players on that list, one of them being Mr. Hawk
Actually there are 3. BC's DE is at #14, and Ahmad Brooks was snuck in behind Wali Lundy as part of #22.

It's a pretty good list, but I'd have Drew Tate a little higher.

But a lot can happen. Remember last year's lists that prominently featured these guys, none of whom got a sniff of the Heisman?

Anthony Davis, Wisconsin
Darren Sproles, Kansas State
Brad Smith, Missouri
David Greene, Gerorgia
Justin Vincent, LSU
Chris Rix, Florida State
Brock Berlin, Miami
T.A. McLendon, NC State
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