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Tom Friend's email address

So, I was able to dig up Tom presenting MoC with his payoff for the article. Unfortuantely Mo was at work, but none the less...


(this was rushed and i couldn't find a good pic of MoC to start, but funny anyways)
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I sent one, did my best to remain at least cordial. I only questioned the character of his corroborating source (and the original) and asked why he couldn't get any ex buckeyes with a little character, because that would be the way to gain some cred.

Right now I don't believe much of anything that has been said, but if this had been coming from Krenzel, Jenkins, Wilhelm or one of the other guys like that I would be seriously worried. It didn't therefore I am not.

edit; you would think I would be able to type by now...
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