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To All!! Complete Moratorium on MoC

Holy Buckeye!

Next Victim Egg Hoke!
We hopefully have expressed enough bashing on this DIPSHIT to at least get it out our system to some extent.
It just that us continuing to put energy in this is more than likely not good on certain levels.
Lets take JT lead and focus on the Boilermakers or recruits.
Oh by the way Dihard your posts through this have had me on the floor, thxs.

Folks, it time to put a Moratorium on Clarett. Boycott him forever. It's the best thing we can do to the attention whore and get back to supporting Teddy, Troy, AJ, Big Bobby and the rest of the fellas.
One and Done!!

Meaning--this story has no legs. It ran through one news cycle and is already dying. We can/should all be grateful for that because: a) it indicates there is no real meat in this story; and b) we've got other things we need to focus on (like two major games coming up).

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