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TI's TOP 10 : where they stand


The Top Ten .... and their stance on making it to the NC

1. USC
media favorite ... didi what they had to do to keep their spot.
did not overwhelm, but a good road performance.

2. Oklahoma
for a team that is based on a strong D ..... gave up 24 pts to BG
allowed BG to convert 50% of third downs
gave away two turn overs
D is suspect .. did not give a championship performance
will hold onto the spot because of LSU squeeking bye

3. LSU
deserved to lose
played like a champ to pull it out .....?????
will slide in the polls

4. Georgia
scored well ... gave up tooo many points to Ga Southern
defense suspect ... will slip in polls for this reason

5. Miami ....... pending
6. Florida State ......pending

either Fla St or Miami loses and drops like a rock ... stay tuned

7. Michigan
played a solid game .... looks to deserve to be here
as only gave up 33 yards rushing ....
however, 1st down ... 13 to 14 vs Miami of Ohio
total yards 250 to 274
bears watching

8. Texas
dominates a very inferior opponent.....
needs to play someone

9. Ohio State
good performance for a young team
held opponent to 2 FGs on off turnovers
needs to hang onto the ball ... cut down turnovers
solid through and through
wil move up soon.

10. Florida ...... postponed

Summary: No one is out there by themselves. The NC is up for grabs.
Bucks will play well against Marshall
they will thus be battle tested heading into NC St
If they win there ... could be the springboard of the season.

The biggest difference is between week one and two ...
Bucks need to eliminate the turnovers
Depth is a big plus .....
QB is in good hands X 2
We may gain points this week, but look for us to move on up after Marshall.

We may gain points this week, but look for us to move on up after Marshall.

To do so, we had better flat out destroy Marshall, seeing as they lost at home today to Troy.
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No one cares if we beat anyone on our preseason schedule. No one is ranked. We should beat everyone. Milliani is right we are going to have to blow out some teams if we want to jump. Otherwise we just have to hope the teams in front of us lose.
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Your poll sounds a little biased IMO. The Buckeyes also had a blaring weakness as it was the turnovers. I know you mentioned them, but with all those turnovers at home against an obviously inferior team is not to be taken lightly. In 2 weeks our beloved Buckeyes will make the trip into a hostile environment at NC State.

Turnovers is a fixable issue and I know for a fact this team is not lacking in talent. I do think Tressel can get this problem fixed, but it is absolutely necessary that he fix this currently blaring weakness.
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brutus2002 said:
The Big Ten has 5 top 20 teams. IMO Wisky, Iowa, Mich, OSU, and Minny all looked pretty darn good this weekend. Once again the BIG TEN is underrated.
Purdue is also ranked, and they are looking pretty darn good right now.

Oops, you said top 20 but they still look really good.
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Look at the schedules .... FSU plays Miami .....

one of them will drop ..... the question is how much.

So yes ... the Bucks will move up ....
unless it is an overtime well played game, where the looser is still a top 5 team.

I don't understand why you think my Scarlet Colored glasses are biased
Just because I am posting on an Ohio State Board, and am willing the Bucks
to move up in the polls.

Part of this post is to point out How The Bucks Advance.
So I am looking at who is in front of them, and finding crack in the armor
of them .... I did mention the fumbles of the Bucks ....

My plan is to tell you why I think the Top Ten will stuble, as we work our way
up the chart .... hopefully to the BCS game .....

Thus ... our first big test is NC State .....
Please don't tell me that Marshall will knock us off in the 'shoe ....
And we do not need to win 75 -0 to move up ....
we need a W ... a string of W's, and we will move us up .....
we do not need to blow people away every game.
Texas and Oklahoma will move us up one, and FSU / Miami will move us up one. Michigan will moves us up one ....
If we are undefeated playing an undefeated scUM, we will make the BC game.

Again .. this is just a road map along our way to get there......
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