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Time for the first Predictions for 06 recruiting class!!!


Head Coach
QB's: Hartline - his bro is already here and he is probably the top in the state.

(maybe Hakes we will have to see about his camp performance)


1. Wells - already in the bag
2. Aldridge - likes us and Oklahoma St. Patterson is in his ear could really help us. Could also play LB.

Wildcard: Ramsey if Aldridge will play lb or doesnt come here.


Need one but don't know. Maybe Moline??


1. Wes Lyons - his bro is here, has tremendous upside, keep that Woodland Hills thing going.
2. David Ausberry - if the coaches can get on him and stay one him I think he could come here as he grew up a buckeye fan.


1. Jeff Cumberland - I think if we offer he will be a buckeye.
2. Konrad Rueland - I think the same here if we hurry.


1,2,&3 - I think we sweep with the big 3 and get Smith, Brown, and Boren.

Wildcards: There are four I believe - Palmer, Tilley, Nagy, and Young from Florida(HH feels we have a pretty good shot at him.)


1. Rose - he is from Glenville

-Don't know many other dlineman right now.


1. Homan - already in the bag
2. Gibson - is a freak and I think we get him as well


1. Small - also from Glenville
2. Coleman - seems like he wants to be a buckeye


also not sure, maybe Donsay Hardeman from Fl, or someone else.

I feel good about 13 guys right now

1. Hartline
2. Wells
3. Aldridge
4. Lyons
5. Cumberland
6. Smith
7. Brown
8. Boren
9. Rose
10. Homan
11. Gibson
12. Small
13. Coleman


I will take a shot at it
*these are purely guesses and hopeful wishes*

1. Mike Hartline/Sean Hakes/Nate Davis/Miles Schlichter..OK you try and pick just 1...:)
2. Chris Wells
3. James Aldridge
4. Konrad Reuland
5. Jeff Cumberland
6. Aaron Brown
7. Justin Boren
8. Connor Smith
9. Rob Rose
10. Bill Nagy
11. Ross Homan
12. Thad Gibson
13. Darius Smith
14. Kurt Coleman
15. Jovanni Chapel.. around march madness I gotta root for the underdog

IMO that leaves 5 spots to sort out the biggest national or In state names we can bring in despite position....
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HTTR Forever.
We need Mo Wells on the horn with his teammate Hornsby every other day. This kid could be a huge playmaker for us and play Ironman much like another Florida kid we had here a couple of years ago.

Without a lot of help from Wells, we can't pull this kid out of the south.

Tebow is already saying how much Michigan is recruiting him. I'd hate to face this kid in a few years. I'd rather see him in Columbia or Gainesville than Ann Arbor.
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