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Transfer Portal Phenom
  • I really didn't know where to post this because it has to do with all sports, so I thought I would put it here.

    I am just wondering with all that is happening in the sports programs and how little Geiger seems to allude to know about what is going on, if people think it is time for him to go.

    I'm concerned that Geiger has lost institutional control of the programs. OSU seems to be finding itself with constant issues for some time now and the black eye just isn't going away. Thank god that Colorado screwed up and took some of the press away from our doorstep.

    I got a little concerned about Archie leaving as the Assistant AD a while back, because I always thought that he was the appropriate choice for the next AD. It seemed a little weird to me at the time and I always wondered if there was more to him leaving than was said.

    The buck stops at the top and I think Geiger has to start being more accountable for what is happening instead of in constant deflection mode.
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    Hell no!!!!!!!!! When Geiger finds out about BS he brings the thunder down in a hurry. I just hope his hire for the hoops coach is as good as O'Brien-hoops wise-not stupid Yugoslavian tricks wise..............
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    I don't see any reason for him to go. We are doing better than ever before in the sears cup, we've had a few issues on the football team but it's not like he is those guys babysitter and they have been dealt with swiftly. As for O'brien, who initially found out about this story? We weren't being investigated so I imagine it came from within the administration, which tells me he IS on top of things, otherwise we would have never known about this. So ignore this thread if you are reading Andy, we still want you here :wink:
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    I love Andy. Lots of great facitilites and some great coaching choices. His strong reaction to recent events seems more appropriate the more info that comes out.

    I will grant you that IF it turns out this other nonsense involving Biancardi is true it starts - STARTS - to point at instutional control issues. He can't know everything that goes on, but if a head coach and assistant coach somehow think they can get away with giving money to players and setting them up in apartments it is fair to ask if the AD is sending out a strong enough message. Andy gets the big bucks for being ultimately accountable for all this stuff. But please go back and underline IF and STARTS.

    As for Archie, word going around when he made the job change was that it actually was the proper step toward the AD position. He has done plenty of time as assistant AD and running the Alumni Association simply rounds out his resume.
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    I do not see any need for Geiger to go. In my opinion he has made some excellent hires, and has upgraded the OSU facilities on every level. How can one blame him for something that went on several years ago? I really liked Obie during his tenure, but Geiger did the right thing by shit canning him.
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    I personally don't support getting rid of Geiger(heck, he'll probably get rid of himself--retire--in a couple years anyway), but for the people out there who blame Coach Tressel for players getting in trouble(there are not that many on this board but there are elsewhere), you have to blame Geiger for OB's troubles to be consistent. Coach T is in the same position over the football players as Geiger is over the coaches he employs.

    I think the compliance director should have her butt fired though--any excuse is a good one, the scummer most go!

    Also, while people can talk about "black eyes" all they want, this is the only incident that has anything to do with the integrity of the athletic department or the coaches. The Clarett situation was an individual player breaking rules, it had nothing to do with the coach or the AD. You can find examples of individual renegade players--Charles Woodson, Adrian McPherson, Marcus Camby, etc--at almost any school. The only reason Clarett got so much ink is because he was a Heisman candidate and we were coming off the national championship. The Clarett thing has nothing to do with Coach Tressel or Andy Geiger.
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    I don't think that Geiger needs to go. In a job with that much responsibility you have to delegate, which I'm sure he does, to supporting managers (coaches). If these guys fuck up and hide it from Geiger, like O'Brien did, he can't act until he finds out about it. And, I think he's done a good job of toughening his stance for zero tolerance of violations or bad behavior.

    Regarding Archie, I agree with Ou8ch- when he took the Alumni job, I thought the same thing. I'm sure he still wants the AD position someday, and running the Alumni Assoc. gives him the experience of overseeing a large organization. As long as he stays with OSU, I think he'll eventually get the AD job.
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