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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Tim Tebow
Pro-style quarterback
Jacksonville Nease
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 225 pounds
Video: Here
2003 stats: 809 yds rushing, 18 TD's; 2,194 yds passing, 64.8 %, 18 TD's / 8 Ints
2004 stats: 1,227 yds rushing, 24 TD's; 4,304 yds passing, 61.4 %, 46 TD's / 6 Ints

Early favorites include Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee, and Michigan. Tebow is a lefty and very impressive on film. He started for Nease last year as a sophomore.



Tim Tebow is ready for an encore.

The mere thought that the Nease standout quarterback could be better than last season is enough to send opposing defensive coordinators into insomniac mode.

Last season, Tebow was a green rookie behind center.

A converted linebacker who was only a sophomore.

More than 3,000 total yards and a staggering 36 touchdowns later, Tebow had established himself as the premier talent in St. Johns County.

His impressive season led to Player of the Year honors.

Now, he's back.

Bigger. Faster. Smarter. Stronger.

"I'm pumped about the new season," Tebow said. "I can't wait for it to start. Every night I've been thinking about that first game. The whole team has worked so hard this offseason, and we're going to work hard and put it on some boys."

The mental approach to the game is where Tebow's improvement likely will be the most dramatic.

With a year in the offense, Tebow can turn his attention from mastering the play book to honing in on the defense.

"I've worked on making better reads and making quicker reads," Tebow said. "I've focused on learning the defense and coverage schemes better. My pre-snap reads are better, and I'm able to find the open receiver quicker. That's what will take my game to the next level."

Physically, Tebow has continued to blossom.

Despite having to recuperate from a broken leg suffered late last season, Tebow shows no signs of weakness.

"I've worked out really hard and actually got up to 230 pounds when I couldn't run because of my leg," Tebow said.

"Now, I'm 100 percent healed. I'm back down at 225, and I feel more comfortable. Maybe I'll throw off a few more defenders this year."

Tebow ran for 809 yards last season and 18 touchdowns.

However, his season-long aerial assault was the main weapon for Nease's offense.

Throwing for 2,194 yards and 18 touchdowns, Tebow was constantly shredding secondaries.

This season, Nease will need to break in a new crop of receivers after losing University of Alabama signee and All-County selection Will Oakley.

The new wideouts are unproven, but Tebow is confident Nease's fastbreak attack won't suffer.

"We will miss Will a lot, but we will have guys step up," Tebow said. "We may not have that one extreme receiver, but I think we'll have a better group. We'll have four go-to guys and it'll be a lot of fun."

Tebow will still have a year of eligibility remaining with the Panthers after this season.

However, college coaches are already lining up in hopes of gaining Tebow's services.

"He's getting a lot of attention from a lot of schools," Nease coach Craig Howard said. "I tell them though they are going to have to wait. I have him for two more years."

Tebow's list of favorite college destinations is a slice of the truly elite.

"My dream schools would be Florida, Miami, Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma," Tebow said. "All those schools have started to show interest and have been talking with me."

Tebow has already had conversations with the head man down in Gainesville -- Florida coach Ron Zook.

"I've talked with him a few times," Tebow said. "I like him. He's a real nice guy. I'll be down there this season to see a few games."

As thrilling as it is, the recruiting scene can wait for Tebow.

His goals are clear. His focus unwavering.

"It's exciting to hear from the colleges and get letters, but my concentration is on the season," Tebow said. "I worry about what I have to do for us to be successful and win a state championship. The main thing for me is to stay humble and not look too far ahead."

Nease begins practice Aug. 9 and opens the season Sept. 3 at Fernandina Beach.
Tebow picked up where he left off in this year's opener.


FERNANDINA BEACH -- Reigning St. Johns County Player of the Year Tim Tebow went right back to picking apart defenses in Thursday night's season opener for the Nease football team.

Tebow threw for 479 yards and three touchdowns as Nease beat Fernandina Beach 49-7.

The junior quarterback completed 26 of 40 passes with two interceptions. He also ran for 69 yards and two scores.
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Tebow, Nease blitz University Christian
Panthers QB throws for 384 yards and five TDs, and defense pitches another shutout.

By ALEX ABRAMS, The Times-Union

Nease quarterback Tim Tebow had what is becoming a typical game for the area's top passer.

Of course, that didn't bode well for University Christian on Friday night.

Tebow threw for five touchdowns and rushed for another score, as the visiting Panthers (4-0) recorded their third consecutive shutout and cruised to a 40-0 victory.

"We always try to come out here and bury the opponent as early as possible," Tebow said. "I think we were able to do that."

Facing little pressure from UC's blitz, Tebow was able to stand in the pocket, scan the field and find open receivers. He completed his first 11 passes and finished 19 for 24 for 384 yards and no interceptions.

"The key is you can't give him any time, and we were giving him too much time to see guys," UC coach David Penland Jr. said. "When he gets out of the pocket and rushes, you got to be able to tackle him. And we weren't able to do that."

The Christians (2-2) had no answers for Tebow, who consistently used four-wide receiver sets to create mismatches in the secondary and connect with three different teammates on touchdown passes.

He hit Rick Taylor on a 79-yard completion on the Panthers' second play from scrimmage to set up a 1-yard touchdown strike to Dan Shannon on the ensuing play.

Two minutes later, at 9:08 in the first quarter, Nease took a 14-0 lead when Tebow found Taylor on a 9-yard touchdown pass to cap a five-play, 18-yard drive.

"He scans the field well. He reads the coverages well. He played with a lot of poise tonight, I thought," Nease coach Craig Howard said. "He's really matured as a quarterback and had another fine night tonight."

Meanwhile, the Christians struggled to move the ball while going against a Panthers' defense that held quarterback James Rucker to just two completions for four yards and one interception.
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rivals premium

'04 stats thru 7 games (6-1): He has completed 144 out of 218 passes for 2,433 yards and 28 touchdowns while throwing only 4 interceptions. He has added 679 yards and 11 touchdowns rushing.

He will try to make it to a tOSU (among others) for a game before the season is done.
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St. Augustine Nease (10-1) quarterback Tim Tebow, a home-schooled junior, has 3,552 yards passing and 1,124 rushing to eclipse a state total-offense record set by current NFL wideout Anquan Boldin. As a high school quarterback, Boldin ran and passed for 4,675 yards for a 14-1 Pahokee team in 1998.

Tebow has totaled 4,676 going into a second-round 3A playoff game against Inverness Citrus (5-4).
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Huge night in a playoff victory for Tebow



Star of the night: Tim Tebow threw for 453 yards and seven touchdowns, completing 16-of-22 passes in the first half to lead the Panthers to a Region 2-3A semifinal win over the Citrus Hurricanes in Inverness.

Fast facts: Tebow threw for 309 yards in the first quarter. ... At halftime, Tebow had amassed 4,000 passing yards and piled up 5,000 total yards for the season. ... The Panthers' Ryan Ellis caught four passes for 167 yards. ... Nease advances to the regional finals for the first time in school history. ... Citrus finishes 5-5.
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Mr. Football candidates

Three of the seven Mr. Football award finalists will be on center stage in state finals. Lake Gibson QB Matt Grothe has 8,378 career yards total offense and 103 TDs going into tonight's 4A final. Pahokee's Antone Smith has 41 TDs -- three away from the state record -- going into the 2B final. And Madison County linebacker Eugene Hayes has 119 tackles, 28 for loss, going into the 2A final.

But look at the other contenders: Ponte Vedra Beach Nease junior Tim Tebow set state records for yards passing (4,304), TD passes (46), total offense (5,576 yards) and total TDs (70). Miami Carol City safety Kenny Phillips, regarded as the state's top prospect, had career totals of 204 tackles, 18 interceptions, 10 fumble recoveries, eight defensive TDs and six punt return TDs. Sarasota's Mike Ford ran for 2,836 yards and 37 TDs. And Derek Hatcher passed for 18 TDs and ran for 14 for Tampa Berkeley Prep
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A poster on a Florida board claims to know Tebow personally and says that Urban Meyer coming to Gainesville makes the Gators his number one school. He claims that Tebow is NOT interested in FSU and Miami isn't recruiting him so that UF is his favorite as of now. But who knows, there are still 14 months til 2006 signing day.
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In Ohio I don't believe you can be homeschooled and compete on a high school team. A state senator (who incidentally home schooled his children) put forth a law allowing this a couple of years ago, but I don't think it went anywhere.
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This year while Meyer was at Utah, he got a commitment from a 4 star Florida QB Josh Portis. According to Insiders Portis is rated higher than Rob Shoncroft ( SP?). It is my understanding that Portis has decommitted so don't be surprised if he shows up it Gainesville with Meyer. This may effect Tebow, who knows?
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