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Let the cards fall...
I saw that this was mentioned in another thread, but I thought that it deserved it's own thread. I think that Atlanta definately got the better end of the deal, Charles Thomas is the only proven player that Atlanta lost. In return Atlanta gets one of the best pitchers in the game.

I know that I may get arguments here, but I think that Atlanta may have the best rotation in baseball this year, and their bullpen will be very solid also. Pitching wins championships, and as a long time Atlanta fan it has been a while since Atlanta had two pitchers at the level of Hudson and Smoltz going back to back. I think the lack of power pitching has cost Atlanta rings in the past.

John Schuerholz is the best GM in baseball hands down. The teams that he assembles with the limited budget are un paralled. He cant buy his team like he used to in the past. He relies on good scouting and a talent rich farm system.
Definately a stellar deal for Atlanta.

The Braves are my pick to win the AL east. Hudson was already a great pithcer, now he's going to be coached by Mizzeli (sp?) which should give him a legitimate chance at an NL Cy Young this season.

IMO, the Braves are the best run franchise in MLB right now. Schuerholz is a great GM and Cox is a great manager.

Best of luck this year.
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