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Just saw this on The-ozone.net and thought I would post it. Man I wish I lived in Columbus still!!!

September 8, 2004 2:45 PM
Football: Ohio State has just announced that there are tickets available for the Norhtwestern game. Here is the release from Ohio State:

COLUMBUS, <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /><ST1:STATE w:st="on">Ohio</ST1:STATE>: Tickets for <ST1:PLACENAME w:st="on">Ohio</ST1:PLACENAME> <ST1:PLACETYPE w:st="on">State</ST1:PLACETYPE>'s 2004 Big Ten football opener at Northwestern on Oct. 2 currently are on sale at the Athletics Ticket Office in the <ST1:PLACE w:st="on"><ST1:PLACENAME w:st="on">Jerome</ST1:PLACENAME> <ST1:PLACENAME w:st="on">Schottenstein</ST1:PLACENAME> <ST1:PLACETYPE w:st="on">Center</ST1:PLACETYPE></ST1:PLACE> on the OSU campus. The game is scheduled under the lights in Ryan Field and will be televised nationally by ESPN. <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P>

Tickets are $40 each and can be purchased either in person or by calling 614/292-2624 or 1-800 Go Bucks. <O:P></O:P>

There is no limit. Visa and MasterCard are accepted

I can already say that i have mine and planned on making this trip. For anyone else who is thinking of going , I wil be there with around 15 other Buckeye fans. Northwestern is a wonderful place to watch a game. They rarely sell out and many times the "visitors" have more fans than NW.
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When OSU makes the trip to NW there really is no visiting side... the place is over run with Buckeye fans. It is a nice place to see a game but there is limited room to tailgate so if you plan on getting there early to get a spot.
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