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I live in Raleigh. I'm from Dayton and I graduated from UD. I have never seen OSU play live. We have a great club down here. (Triangle Buckeyes.) I'll pitch
in my fair share for a ticket. Raleigh is great. You should have fun.


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I'm heading out to Raleigh tickets or not. Taking off work on Friday and flying out there from Dayton airport. I'm gonna try to go to an alumni club or something on Friday night then try my luck on Saturday getting a ticket. I'm going with my dad, and am planning on visiting my cousin and his wife who live out in that area as part of the trip. I'll pay whatever you want for those tickets.
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This space left intentionally blank
I can't compete with "I'll pay whatever you want for those tickets." and I'm not sure I'm the most deserving or anything, but I bet I was the first to ask:



My sister will be down from Ohio that weekend and would love a chance to see the Bucks in person.

EDIT: OK... I've re-read my post 10 times now trying to figure why someone would give it a negative rep "ding"... anyone care to "own up"? I don't get it.

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Go Buckeyes!
Staff member
  • Grad: Can' blame my wife. She went to the game (paid for tix with her friend well in advance, hadn't been to a game in 10-12 years, she deserved it). If anything, blame ntd. I don't know why, but blame him!

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    The Most Power-Drunk
    BITB: Are you sure it's negative? My guess it's either Tibs stirring the pot again :biggrin:, or it's a gray chicklet, which isn't negative. A gray chicklet simply means the person trying to give you rep. points doesn't have enough rep. themselves to give you any.
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