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tibor75 said:
"Last edited by osugrad21 : Today at 10:09 PM. Reason: We don't allow that word around here :) "

Just sad that you're a moderator. sell out
Again bait not taken...

Sell out? LOL

Unfortunately for you, you've never been loyal enough to anything to be considered a "sell out" by anyone
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tibor75 said:
"moore" intelligent commentary from osufag21. still upset at 'ol Tibor for getting rid of your butt buddy USCemper?
Almost a good one...OSUfag?

Might as well change your name to Cybor...we all know that is the only ass you get :slappy:

Don't take your sexual frustrations out on me...like Ive said before, somewhere, someplace there is a woman as desperate as you
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enjoy this one osufag...

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:biggrin: Good one...

However, your anger is misplaced around here. You act as though you are mad at all of us when in fact it is your parents you should be mad at...its their fault you look that way. Ever consider a blow-up? She can't say no like every other decent woman in PA
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