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We may not have had the best players in 2002, but we had the BEST TEAM.

So lets look at our team and do a little review of the things that look good

for the BUCKS for 2004.

QB .... while we lost a senior starter, look what we have on the shelf to bring into the game .... the pick of TWO ELITE 11 QBs ..... both with TWO YEARS plus in the system .....

Zwick being a kid who was the first Ohio HS QB to throw for over 10,000 yards!! He also threw for over 100 TD's in high school ... so he averaged
2 to 3 TD passes per game. He won a HS championship, moved up in class
for more competition, won the starting job, and took his team deep into the playoffs every year.

There are only a handful of QB's that have 10,000 HS yds passing, and some of that handful include Dan Marino and John Elway. While he may not have prove himself at the college level yet, he was also a force in the recruitment of several other players in his class.

And if Zwick flops, we have another Elite 11 QB to step in and give it his best shot. Troy Smith is no slouch .... plus Bockman is looking good as well.

Any of them will need a good O line in front of them to accomplish anything.

So where does the O line stand ?????

Two years ago, we were saying it was one of the poorest O-Lines we have ever had ..... as the cupboard was bare when Coop got the ax .....the most
we had to expect from the O-Line was the final verdict in The Law Suit.
That line turned out to pretty darn good .... and Bollman may have had something to do with that. So over the last three years, we have picked up so big time O linemen .... whose overall traits seem to be "more athletic", and
good footwork. While every seems to agree we need a few more Good O linemen, and some seasoning ...... we are ... IMHO..... starting out much better than we did two years ago ..... Mangold will apparently anchor the line from the center position ... we will have Sims, Datish, Kne and Tyree with some experience, and we have a good group of freshman as possible two deep candidates. JT has stated that he "likes the athleticism" of this O line.

Running Back

We have Flydel .... We have Joe ... and we have a couple freshman that people think may be able to contribute.
IMHO ... the biggest thing here may actually be the "more athletic O Line"
as well as a better passing game opening up a better running game ....
I don't think it can be a worse running game overall than we had last year.


Santonio averaged 17.2 yards per catch ... but only had 32 catches for the year ..... with 7 TD's ... or 1 TD every 4.5 catches ...
and he was not the main man last year. It is his time to shine ... with a better passer (IMHO) now chucking the ball, this should be an amazing combo to see .....
Zwick to Holmes ... TOUCHDOWN !!!!!!! ... will be heard a lot this year.
I think we see an increase in yards after catch .... and better offensive eficiency due to a more accurate passing game ... hitting receivers in stride
more often .... striking fear into the hearts of our Opponents Defensive
Roy Hall has a ton of potential as well as Hollins and Jordon .... and a stable
of potential receivers .... Bam, Dukes, Lyons, Ginn ... as well as Frost at TE
and Nichols ....


Return Game

IMHO ... another area that can do nothing but improve .....
Ginn, Bam, Santonio, Youboty .....
A renewed emphesis with this crew and we should see some return yards this year.

Kicking .... Nugent ... nuff said.
Punting .... we have options, and you can bet your bottom Buckeye that JT
will not let this position slide .... why do you think we have so many 'ships
committed to the kickers .... because it is JT's Secret Weapon.
Don't worry .. The Man has this under control.


What is the strenght of this team ... THE 'D'


We have the best complete set of 'backers that I hae ever seen at OSU ...
and not just the first team ... but two deep..... and a load of incoming talent. CARPENTER, HAWK, SCHLEGAL, D'ANDREA, FREEMAN ....tough and deep ....

D-Backs .... the tallest fastest group to play for t OSU in years.
again ... well known names ... TWO DEEP

D line .... while we lost some players here .... we also have a group of highly thought of young men coming in ... and they are not freshman .. but kids that
have learned from those in front of them .... and while we may only be returning 4 starters ... look at how many players rotated in for us last year ...
and while they are not returning starters ... they are also not peach fuzz rookies either. FRASHER, GREEN, PITCOCK, KUDLA, RICHARDSON, PATTERSON, PENTON .... are all familiar names.

I say we hold teams under 50 yards a game in rushing ... most of the time.
I would be willling to make that bet ... that we hold teams to an average of less than 50 yards a game for the year.

I went back and looked at the 40 times of three years of RB, DB, and receiver recruits ..... only one player had a time OVER 4.5 ..... Dionte Johnson.
we have 5 guys that run 4.3 40's .... and the average of the rest of the guys .... 21 total current players ... is 4.42.


So when we look at the players JT has recruited .... he tends to like

1. Fast Players ....
2. Tall Receivers and D backs ....
3. Smart Players ...
4. Versitile players ....


While we lost 14 players to the NFL ....

This is the DEEPEST tOSU team overall in recent memory.
particulary on DEFENSE.... and what wins CHAMPIONSHIPS ?????

DEFENSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have experienced players 2 deep at almost every position.
On both sides of the ball.
The exception being the QB spot ... where we have 2 third year Elete 11
players ... and the O line ... where we have more potential than we have had in the last 5 to 6 years ....

Yes I wear SCARLET COLORED GLASSES ..............

and things are looking ROSEY through them right now ......

IMHO .... TallIndian
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Tall Indian

your enthusiasm here and in other threads is intoxicating. I feel drunk after reading your posts...drunk and ready to fight for OH-IO. You'll have to restrain yourself until the season starts. I'll be hungover before the first game.

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Nice breakdown TI...

I trust you don't work for any national magazines... :biggrin: (No way OSU can replace 14 starters...)
I agree that the depth is fantastic.... I wonder if maybe it's because I began following recruiting a little more closely around 2001 or so, or if it's because OSU is IN FACT deeper.. I think it's more the later.

Anyway, good post.
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i love the enthusiasm, but holding teams under 50 yards rushing per game!? that's a little too hopeful. not even the teams we've had the last two years have been THAT successful at stopping the run.
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D-Backs .... the tallest fastest group to play for t OSU in years.
again ... well known names ... TWO DEEP

How about Ginn? I heard he's pretty fast...
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Welcome back Tall Indian. It has been awhile since you posted on BN. This is going to be a great site. All the old BN posters have moved over here. Always enjoyed your posts.

Hey - I was in SF this spring and did the normal tourist stuff. The bridge, trolley car, pier, crookedest street.

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Rumors on BN seem directly in opposition from direct quotes from Tressel. Of course, now that I've said that, I don't have the quote.. in any case, Tress was saying somehting to the effect that Ginn will get his chance at DB first.

Personally, I think Ginn has a better place on Offense. OSU's secondary is so deep... It's not like our WRs are an injury away from looking like Ohio U., but I think Ginn could help the O more than he'd help the D. Just my opinion. What do I know.... I'm sure JT will do what needs to be done, regardless of what I think.
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Thanks for the welcome guys ....

last years team held opponents to 62 yards per game rushing ....

and I think this D is better. I think our corners are more experienced,
and our linebackers are better, Our D line lost some guys, but we rotated
so much last year that you could make an argument that we have "starters"
back. Our recruits are strong and fast.... we just need experience ....

See the schedule thread ... I think we are set up pretty well to bring these guys along.

So I think this team will have a GREAT D ... and if our Offense can keep them off the field so much .... less than 50 per game is obtainable.
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TallIndian said:
So I think this team will have a GREAT D ... and if our Offense can keep them off the field so much .... less than 50 per game is obtainable.
Good point. If the running game gets rolling and takes the pressure off of whomever is starting at QB, this team will be tough.
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I agree that if OSU can just run the ball we'll be very tough to beat! I think if Lydel can get 100 a game, with about 40 yards from Joe, and maybe 50 yards between Pittman/Haw. I think we can close out ALOT of games.

I tend to think 50 yards a game is alittle low but I honestly think it will be something like around last years 65 yards a game or jus a bit below that. Reason I say this is because we did rotate our players alot but this years players are noticebly bigger than last years which will free up the backers (which IMO is scary to think about).

I think OSU will start to shut down that bull crap that NcSt. does with the short passes. Snyder was quoted on saying he won't pull back and play back, that he'll just keep attacking. I know thats alittle more risky but why not take some chances with the secondary we have? I think as long as we can make a team one deminsional we should go a far ways this year.

That being said I'm about to go crazy down here in Virginia! I'm already sett'n things up for when I get to go to the Cinny game! GO BUCKS!
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