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Thoughts: Do the D concerns stem from the inept offense?

hawks int was one of the greatest "effort" plays i have ever seen in all my years of watching football....

hawk will go down with spiels, gradishar etc.....as the greatest to ever play the position at ohio state....
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Buckeye513 said:
I think he made up for it with his diving INT. It led to the score which put the game away.
No he put the game away with that INT. Even if Michigan State had touched the ball again, it would have been with 15 seconds left. I doubt they would have moved it to the endzone in that much time.

You aren't incorrect in what you said, I just think the game ended with that pick. That's why the defender gave such a lackluster effort on the outside when he thought Hall was going inside. He knew the game was over. Hall's run was just a nice run to keep our total over 300.

Maybe it is just me, but aren't there some schools of thought who consider return yardage to be part of offensive production? I realize when you talk about improving the offense that's not what you mean, but I have been around at least a few teams which included their return yardage in their offensive totals.
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