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This week's visit schedule- weekend of 12/3

Discussion in 'College Football' started by Buckskin86, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Buckskin86

    Buckskin86 Moderator

    This is a big visit week- Yesterday was the first day for in-home visits and this weekend is a big recruit visit weekend. Here is a summary of what we have so far.

    In-Home Visits
    Ryan Williams/Kevin Bemoll- JT this week
    Lamont Robinson LB 11/28-today
    Rico McCoy LB 11/27- yesterday
    Kazeem Alli TE- this week
    Carlos Thomas DB/WR- 11/30

    Visits 12/3
    Andre Amos WR
    Brian Hartline WR
    Andre Mathis LB
    Rico McCoy LB
    Lamont Robinson LB
    James Laurinaitis LB
    Doug Worthington DE
    Walker Ashley DT
    Possibly Robbie Schoenhoft QB

    I am sure I am missing some- maybe we can add to this thread as we learn more names and confirm the visits already listed.
  2. All these big names hopefully we can get another commitment.

    Mo Wells also said tress is suppossed to be at his school this week sometime.

    Hopefully they go see Gwaltney or Stewart also.

    How many in home visits are they allowed do you know?
  3. Amos is no longer visiting this weekend. He has to take the act and then next weekend take the sat or vice versa, but said he will visit the first week of January. This from premium board on bn.
  4. bucknut11

    bucknut11 Defense still wins Championships

    12/3 Recruiting weekend

    FWIW, from the O-Zone forums.....

    "The lights are on in the Shoe, big screen replaying the Michigan game... A very welcoming sight when driving past on the way home tonight. We pulled in the parking lot and asked the guy at the Huntington Club doors what was going on. He said they have some recruits inside showing them around. If I was a recruit, I'd be jacked up after experiencing that!"

    and.... the "Marching band played for the recruits at the WHAC today"

    Sounds like they're pulling out all the stops for this weekend (well, probably every weekend). Anyone think Hodge will commit sometime before Monday?

    I may be biased, but if I were sitting in such a huge stadium watching highlights from such a big game... that's gotta give you chills.
  5. AmeriBuck007

    AmeriBuck007 Honey, Frank the Tank is not coming back

    anybody by any chance check out jlb1705's stadium pic when this was goin on
  6. BuckNutty

    BuckNutty Hear The Drummer Get Wicked Staff Member Bookie

    Hodge is still supposed to visit Iowa next weekend. Seems unlikely he'd committ to anyone before he takes that visit.
  7. i saw the scoreboard on and a few lights, i couldnt figure out what was going on though

    jilbs cam pics are from the towers so wouldnt be able to see it
  8. StoRMinBrutus

    StoRMinBrutus Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!

    12/3 Recruiting Visits.

    Did everyone come for the 12/3 Recruiting visits??
    • Rico McCoy(LB)
    • Walker Ashley(DT)
    • Andre Mathis(LB)
    • Lamont Robinson(LB)
    • James Laurinaitis(LB)
  9. Ratboy18

    Ratboy18 Freshman

    Isn't Laurinaitis scheduled for 12/10?

    Last edited: Dec 5, 2004
  10. We probably won't know who showed up till late tonite and how the visits went by early sometime next week. Monday or Tuesday. Just depends on when they can get a hold of the recruits.

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