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Playing rugby in Raleigh, NC. Damn, who makes up these schedules, anyway? Geiger could've scheduled the NC State game for this weekend, if he'd just read my e-mails, or returned my calls, or responded to my letters...:biggrin:
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RugbyBuck said:
Cheers. I'm planning to get up to Columbus for one of the games this year and would like to check out one of your matches and/or training sessions. Is the match schedule on the website?

Home games are 10/2 against the Louisville Men, 10/9 against Michigan State, and 10/30 against Indiana University. Training is every Tuedsay, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:00 PM at the practice fields on Cannon. Games are on the fields on the corner of Lane and Kenny. Let me know when you are planning on coming out...
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